Vaccines found to contain pig virus DNA and monkey kidney cells

(Natural News) A list of vaccine excipients released by the CDC provides insight into some of the most toxic ingredients that big pharmaceutical companies use in manufacturing vaccines. With the FDA and CDC insisting on the safety of these vaccines, larger drug firms continue to use these ingredients to cash in on their products while simultaneously disregarding public safety.

Vaccines heavily-laden with infected animal cells

The CDC’s list includes an array of excipients that use various vero cells taken from animal hosts. These cells have undergone great scrutiny as various clinical studies raised concerns about possible infection. An excipient found in polio vaccine, for example, contains cells from African green monkeys. Vero cells taken from this species of ape are known to be infected with Simian Virus 40, a DNA tumor virus associated with the onset of different types of cancer. Further analysis also revealed that the virus has a slow-moving an archetypal strain that drug manufacturers and regulators failed to monitor. The use of this infected vaccine excipient resulted in a significant increase in cancer rates since the 1960s.

A rotavirus vaccine also came under fire for using this excipient. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Virology found that the rotavirus vaccine contains a live simian virus, with researchers noting a 96 percent matching certainty. Another study confirmed the presence of an endogenous baboon virus in the same vaccine. The results appear in the journal Advances in Virology. Infected cells taken from diseased monkeys have also been feared to have tainted a smallpox vaccine. Warning indications for said vaccine include a host of adverse health conditions such as cardiac disease, blindness and encephalitis.

Bovine serum is another potentially lethal excipient found mostly in MMR and rotavirus vaccines. The inclusion of this excipient in vaccines has raised concerns of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) contamination. While different health agencies — including the World Health Organization, the CDC and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration — have refuted this, there were rare, documented cases of CJD infection in humans in the U.K. These cases were associated with ingestion of products infected with mad cow disease.

Experts have also raised concerns about the use of porcine vero cells in vaccine production. A rotavirus vaccine was in a bit of hot water a few years back after regulators found out that the treatment contained very high levels of porcine circovirus 1. The vaccine was proven to contain more than 100,000 porcine circovirus 1 DNA molecules in each dose. However, it remains uncertain how the virus directly affects humans, which makes it all the more disconcerting.

Drug firms deliberately add carcinogens, neurotoxins to vaccines

Highly toxic chemicals are not uncommon in vaccine production. In fact, the CDC’s list of vaccine excipients includes at least one industrial-grade chemical. Benzene, for example, is a key component of food dyes used in vaccines. Benzene is a highly toxic carcinogen associated with the onset of different types of cancer such as acute myeloid leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Other carcinogenic compounds found in vaccines include formaldehyde, acetone and ethanol.

Thimerosal, a neurotoxin, was also present in most vaccine excipients listed in the CDC document. Thimerosal contains mercury, the second most toxic element in the world next to plutonium. Various studies have found a correlation between thimerosal and the onset of autism spectrum disorder in children.

Despite the apparent health hazard, big pharmaceutical companies insist on using aluminum hydroxide as a key component to vaccine production. Aluminum hydroxide is tied to a host of adverse medical conditions including rhabdomyolysis, encephalopathy and osteomalacia. The asthma-inducing glutaraldehyde also appeared to be a staple in vaccine production. Data from the CDC list showed that at least eight vaccine excipients used the toxic compound as a disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde was linked to chemical colitis, rectocolitis and eczema.

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With a Hard Brexit Looming, UK Invites 10,000 Foreign Troops Over for Military Exercises

LONDON — As the drama over Brexit continues to reach new heights, the U.K. government has raised eyebrows by announcing that it will host 10,000 foreign troops for a massive military exercise beginning the day after Brexit had been set to take place.

The announcement of the exercise has raised the specter of a post-Brexit “martial law” scenario, given that the Theresa May-led government has been examining the possibility of declaring martial law in the country in the event of a no-deal Brexit since at least this January.

According to a government press release, the NATO-affiliated military exercise known as “Joint Warrior” will take place from March 30 until April 11 and will see the U.K. host 10,000 soldiers as well as 35 warships, five submarines, and 59 aircraft and helicopters. Thirteen countries will participate, including the United States, France and Germany, and the exercise will occur in areas spaced throughout Scotland, Wales and England.

Though the exercise has occurred for several years, its timing the day immediately after Brexit has raised concerns that the Tory government may, in fact, enact its publicly acknowledged no-deal Brexit martial-law plan despite claims from Health Secretary Matt Hancock in January that, while such an option exists, it “isn’t the focus of our attention.” When the exercise was announced on March 14, Brexit was set to take place March 29 but, a two-week extension having been worked out with the EU, that date was recently changed to April 12, the day immediately after the exercise is set to end.

Following the extension, Politico reported that the EU had essentially taken control of the Brexit timetable and a “no-deal” Brexit still remains the most likely option come April 12, with some EU leaders giving a Brexit deal a 10 percent chance of passing in Parliament.

Glyphosate’s undeniable connection to autism

(Natural News) Today, glyphosate, also known under Monsanto’s brand name Roundup, is the most widely used herbicide on the planet. Used in yards, farms, and playgrounds throughout the world, Roundup has been a top-selling weed killer for many years.

A great deal has been said about the impact glyphosate has on our health and the environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently deemed glyphosate as a probable carcinogen and researchers around the world are increasingly coming to the conclusion that glyphosate and glyphosate-based products have no safe place or use in this world.

Not so long ago, Dr. Stephanie Senneff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicted that by 2025 half of American children will be born with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). ASDs refer not only to autism but also to a variety of brain development disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 1 in 68 children has some form of ASD, which seems to affect boys 4.5 times more than girls.

While the toxins in vaccines forced upon innocent infants are a big contributor to the rising number of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, vaccines are not the only culprit. According to Dr. Senneff and her partner Dr. Anthony Samsel, it is the synergic effect of glyphosate from foods combined with the toxic ingredients of vaccines that is accelerating the rise of autism spectrum disorders among our kids.

The link between glyphosate and autism can no longer be ignored

Previous research studies have shown that the rising prevalence of autism in the United States is highly correlated with the increased usage of glyphosate-based weed killers. A recently published case report has confirmed these results. It provided clear evidence of the link between the use of glyphosate and the dramatic rise of ASDs that are affecting the development of our children’s brains.

For the report, William Shaw, Ph.D., and founder of The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. in Lenexa, analyzed the urine samples of a set of triplets – two autistic boys and a girl with seizure issues and learning disorders – and their parents for glyphosate levels. At the start of the experiment, the researchers found very high amounts of glyphosate in the samples of each of the triplets coming from their non-organic diet high in GMO corn, soy, and other non-organic grains.

Glyphosate kills beneficial gut bacteria, which allows harmful Clostridia bacteria to thrive. When these harmful bacteria take over, dopamine neurotransmitter imbalances occur, which destroy brain cell mitochondria, leading to brain damage and ASDs.

When the triplets were tested again for glyphosate levels after a period of eat a strictly organic diet, the glyphosate levels dropped significantly. At the same time, their autistic conditions also diminished after eating nothing but glyphosate-free, organic foods for about six months….

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