Another misleading study finds no link between MMR vaccine and autism

A nationwide cohort study of all children born in Denmark to Danish-born mothers between 1999 through 2010 concluded that the mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR) vaccine does not increase the risk of autism, does not trigger autism in susceptible children, and is not associated with clustering of autism cases following vaccination….

Given that one of the possible mechanisms for a connection between MMR and autism is its contamination with human DNA, and that human DNA also contaminates many other widely used vaccines, screening for a connection between autism and MMR alone against a noisy background of multiple such vaccinations  is inadequate.  The appropriate question to ask is whether there’s a link between autism and the use of ANY (and how many) such injections.   Is there a dose-response relationship?   This study doesn’t address this question.  More pointedly, there is no control group at all in this study, a problem which is typical of vaccine studies due to the wholesale adoption and increasing militarization of vaccination policies.  It’s easy to obscure statistics by selecting for a noisy background of multiple uncontrolled experimental interventions in order to increase p-values to statistical insignificance.

Another example of this technique includes the lumping together of early vs late-onset autism to mix statistics from two entirely different syndromes and muddy the waters.   Later the term “genetic” autism (implying that it was present before birth), was introduced in order to obscure early-onset’s link with immediate cord clamping.

Yet another example is the mislabeling of injected adjuvants and preservatives without biological content as a placebo, when such ingredients are also prime candidates for triggering autism.

Another attempt to obscure statistics can be seen in the addition of aluminum adjuvant during the phaseout of thimerosal perservative in vaccines.

The moral of the story is that concentrating on only one such preventable experimental intervention at a time when there is a whole constellation of interventions does not engender confidence in the objectivity of institutional medicine on this question.   At what point does this pattern of coincidental oversights become suggestive of an agenda?    The p-value is getting smaller all the time.


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