Yet another study links fluoride exposure during pregnancy to increasing number of children with ADHD

But nothing will change. Ever. And researchers and their funding agencies will continue to milk taxpayers while simulating a functioning public health establishment, for as long as the money flows.

(Natural News) Fluoride is a known neurotoxin, and yet for some reason, this toxin continues to contaminate public water supplies around the country. Water fluoridation is a highly controversial practice upheld by local municipalities nationwide, but research continues to show that fluoride is far more dangerous than you might think.

Recently published research has found a link between prenatal exposure to fluoride and risk of ADHD. In fact, it appears that fluoride may be a key contributor to the rising rates of ADHD — and who knows what else.

Some 70 percent of the United States fluoridates its water, even though most developed countries abstain from such an abhorrent practice. Make no mistake, while authorities claim that water fluoridation is for the “greater good” of public health, it still amounts to mass medication of the public at the government’s behest. Essentially, municipalities that fluoridate their water are medicating the people dependent on public water supplies by force — rendering water fluoridation an ethical issue as well as a health issue….

Interest in the developmental neurotoxicity of fluoride has grown significantlysince the 2006 report of the National Research Council Committee (NRC) onFluoride Toxicity that recommended the United States Environmental ProtectionAgency (USEPA) set a new drinking water standard.1A large body of evidence, over 300 animal and human studies, indicates that thefluoride ion is neurotoxic. This includes over 40 studies published in China, Iran,India, and Mexico2 that found an association between lowered IQ and exposure tofluoride.3 A meta-analysis by Choi et al. found that, in 26 out of 27 studies,children in a high F-exposed community had a lowered mean IQ compared to children in a low F-exposed community.4 In contrast, Broadbent et al. found nosignificant difference in IQ between children living in an artificially fluoridatedcommunity and those in a non-fluoridated community in New Zealand.5 In thispaper, we explain the substantial limitations of this latter paper. Osmunson et al.also analyzed that paper in greater detail, showing it to be incapable of detecting IQ loss from fluoride.6…

Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States: an ecological association

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TCR interview with Paul Connett in 2012:


A drop of humor (bodily fluid) in this ongoing tragedy.   Substitute “secret societies and banksters” for “communist” in this clip and you’ll be closer to the truth.

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