Bertrand Russell Diagnoses Washington War Madness and the Coming Rape of Venezuela

It is a scene depressingly familiar to inhabitants of Political Washington over the past 30 years since US armed invasion of small or vulnerable countries came back into fashion after being briefly discredited following the Vietnam War. This time it is Venezuela and its twice democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro that is being demonized as a Diabolical Menace to the very survival of All That is Good and True.

One does not have to uncritically admire everything President Maduro has done as leader of his country to confidently predict what will happen if the US government succeeds in toppling him and imposing its own ridiculous figurehead – boyish, fearful, eager-to-please little Juan Guiado: Venezuela’s version of Mario Rubio and the nonentity being touted as his country’s liberator (how the spirit of Simon Bolivar must be raging – or laughing uncontrollably!).

Then, the miseries of the unfortunate Venezuelan people will not end: They will only just have begun.

Washington’s Armchair Heroes are determined to transform the Bolivarian Republic into the Gulliverian Republic – a joke of a state presided over by worthless tiny midgets.

We have seen this same infernal script play out in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine with efforts to impose it on Syria and Yemen.

The outcome is always the same: Worse wars, worse suffering, huge increases in civilian death tolls, collapses of economies, violent anarchy, flourishing extreme Islamist and other terrorist groups where previously there were none, enormous rackets sexually enslaving children and young women, soaring per capita drug abuse rates.

The philosopher-statesmen and wise pundit-prophets of Washington shake their heads sadly and move on every looking for new worlds to liberate – and destroy.

Why is this happening yet again as it has remorselessly before under the previous five successive US presidents?

The answer is simple: President Donald Trump has now surrounded himself with neoconservative super-hawks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton are driving policy. They have eagerly recruited Elliott Abrams, who was widely accused of supporting the genocide of the Mayan native peoples of Central America back in the time of Ronald Reagan more than 35 years ago as their Special Envoy to restore Democracy in Venezuela – a title with a devilishly Orwellian touch: For Abrams, of course will not rest until the last vestiges of democracy and meaningful freedom and independence are destroyed in Venezuela.

Most insane of all, at a time when the awful wars that George W. Bush and Barack Obama have unleashed across the Middle East, Eurasia and South Asia blaze on with no end in sight (except for the total defeat of the United States and the annihilation of all those forces shortsighted, greedy and just plain stupid enough to trust them), Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams are now determined to open up a brand new war front on an entirely different continent. And once again they are charging in with a political grand strategy certain to guarantee inevitable total defeat. Once again, the Gadarene Swine are in full stampede.

How can a nation and its ruling establishment commit so cavalierly to repeating catastrophic policies that produced nothing but horror and humiliation and failure throughout the 21st century without exception? We must go back more than 100 years to get a hint of the deeper answer to this vital question.

An amazing letter the great English philosopher Lord Bertrand Russell wrote about the work of Sigmund Freud in 1917 explains the nature of the warmongering madness and stampede to global destruction that has again taken over the US political and media elites.

In their recent enormous study “Freud in Cambridge”, John Forester and Laura Cameron quote a genius of a century ago, Russell, talking about another one – Freud.

In a 1917 letter to his young mistress Lady Constance “Colette” Malleson, Russell wrote, as World War I was still raging, “I am reading Freud on dreams – most exciting. I see in my mind’s eye a great work on how people come to have the opinions they have – interesting scientifically and undermining ferocity (emphasis in the original) the base (unmasking, I ought to have said) – because it is always hidden behind a mask of morality. The psychology of opinion, especially politically opinion, is really an untouched field… and I am excited about it.”…. [typos in original]

We are living in this dream, an imprinted nightmare from when we were wrested from our mothers, isolated and tortured by strangers until the obstetrical brainwashing was complete.   For the first time in human history, we have the understanding to end the centuries-long nightmare.   But can we do it in time?

NBC declares no debate allowed on climate change, claiming “science is settled” while absurdly asserting that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”

(Natural News) Even though the supposedly “settled science” about global warming from decades back has since been proven false, as Earth actually appears to be entering a period of global cooling, this hasn’t stopped the mainstream media talking heads from continuing to spread mindless drivel about the impending threat of “climate change.”

During a recent segment of Meet the Press, NBC host Chuck Todd went on a deranged tirade about those who deny the existence of man-made climate change, insisting that there can be no further argument about the matter because the “science is settled.”

“We’re not going to debate climate change, the existence of it,” Todd declared, adding his baseless opinion that “the Earth is getting hotter, and human activity is a major cause, period.” Todd went on to decry “climate deniers,” reiterating that “the science is settled, even if political opinion is not.”

For more news about the Leftist obsessions with climate change, be sure to check out….

For god’s sake people, the establishment lies about virtually everything under the sun, up to and including WMD’s, human health and human sexual anatomy, all for the purpose of manipulating the masses.  They aerosolized and distributed U238 in iraq and the balkans.  They routinely stage false flags.  They dump chemical poisons all over the countryside with abandon.   They vandalize the genetics of crucial food crops with  GMO.   They wreck pristine aquafers with fracking chemicals.  They inject toxins and DNA disruptors into young children.  They torture and mass murder with total impunity and have for many decades under the watchful eye of our great journalism profession.   Is it too much to question why such obvious satanists would suddenly be so concerned with the environment?

Their computer models are worthless, they’ve been repeatedly caught doctoring the data, their leaked emails betray their total disregard for scientific objectivity in their pursuit of elite funding, and the proposed remedy (carbon financialization) is a recipe for wealth concentration, mass impoverishment and death.   Is this in keeping with the previous paragraph or not?   “Science” is just a lucrative investment for them.

While the conventional right hasn’t met a war or a polluting industry it didn’t like, most of the left has become a party of starry eyed idiots.   Any weapon can be turned into a trojan horse by cloaking it properly, as environmentalism demonstrates.

Who benefits and how?

The Real Enemy: YOU


Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality

Amphibians are an important component of the global ecosystem, as indicators of environmental health and contributors to human health. They watched the dinosaurs come and go, but today almost half of them are themselves threatened with extinction. Addressing the amphibian extinction crisis represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity….

Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’

Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished…

Phytoplankton’s Dramatic Decline

It is the starting point for our oceans’ food chain. But stocks of phytoplankton have decreased by 40 percent since 1950, potentially as a result of global warming. It is an astonishing collapse, say researchers, and may have dramatic consequences for both the oceans and for humans.

The U.S. Government’s Love of Foreign Dictatorships

Lest anyone be tempted to believe that President Trump and other U.S. interventionists are intervening in Venezuela because of some purported concern for the Venezuelan people, let’s examine just a few examples that will bring a dose of reality to the situation. This latest intervention is nothing more than another interventionist power play, one intended to replace one dictatorial regime with another.

Egypt comes to mind. It is ruled by one of the most brutal and tyrannical military dictatorships in the world. The U.S. government loves it, supports it, and partners with it. There is no concern for the Egyptian citizenry, who have to suffer under this brutal tyranny and oppression.

Saudi Arabia also comes to mind. It too is a brutal and tyrannical dictatorship, also a murderous one. The U.S. government loves it too, supports it, and partners with it. There is no concern for Saudi citizens who have to suffer under this brutal tyranny and oppression.

Historically, this has been the case as well. Some examples:…

If the objective is control rather than “spreading democracy” then the last thing they’d want is a government with sizable popular support.   A government which must defend itself against its own population is forever dependent on foreign “security assistance” to maintain power.

Report: US interrogators working at UAE prisons

US interrogators are present in UAE prisons in Yemen, the Daily Beast has revealed today, providing shocking evidence that the American military is a witness to the torture of Yemenis.

In a series of interviews, two former detainees have testified to being interrogated by men with American accents, who looked on as they were beaten and electrocuted.

“They would strip me naked, they would beat me very harshly and slowly you start to understand the dynamics in the room. These are the two people, one of them is overseeing the whole interrogation and the other is doing the questioning and ordering the torture,” a Yemeni man identified only as Salvatore said, suggesting that the US was more that an unwilling observer.

In December, the Pentagon formally acknowledged for the first time that US military personnel operate in the Yemen prisons: “US forces do not conduct detention operations in Yemen; rather, US forces conduct intelligence interrogations of detainees held in partner custody,” the Pentagon reported.

However the latest accounts are the first that prove that the US is not only a witness, but a partner to torture of detainees. Both men say they saw Americans in military uniforms, complete with American flag insignia, and that a larger US presence was witnessed in a prison in Aden, where they were electrocuted, beaten and sexually threatened, and where others have been raped….

And you thought you lived in a civilized country.   But maybe you’re thinking it can’t happen in the USA?   Seriously?