Top 10 facts about the vaccine industry that the dishonest, child-murdering media refuses to report

The MSM has already demonstrated its level of concern with the plight of iraqi, afghan, libyan, syrian, ukrainian, honduran, salvadoran and guatemalan children. It is a fitting “journalism” industry for the emerging 4th reich. But did you think they held american children in higher regard? Look at the circumcison scam. In their faces for decades with hardly a peep out of them. They are accomplices to (indispensible tools of) mass murder and torture and have been for decades. Unless they’re playing to your particular demographic, of course. Then they’re beacons of freedom.

(Natural News) The mainstream media is largely funded by drug companies and vaccine manufacturers and demonstrates extreme conflicts of interest in reporting on vaccines. Perhaps that’s why dishonest media outlets refuse to report the following ten stunning facts about the vaccine industry that are all provably true….

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