The War Room Vaccine Special Recap

A worldwide awakening to the potential hazards of vaccines is currently taking place

The War Room’s Owen Shroyer dedicated an entire broadcast to looking at the potential dangers of vaccines and why the government and establishment media is fervently pushing them on the public.

Shroyer and Mike Adams explain that anti-vaxxers just want the option to choose what is being put into their children’s bodies.

In the next segment, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny compiles a list of the number of toxins present in your children’s vaccines.

Click Here To View The CDC Data For Yourself!

The following clip shows Owen and Mike once again discussing the toxic contents found in vaccines that everyone should be aware of and alarmed about.

A caller during the transmission shared a personal account of how her son received vaccinations at the hospital without her consent and nearly died.

Another reason to sound the alarm on vaccines is mandatory vaccination.

States like California have already made vaccinations mandatory and the agenda will likely be rolled out nationwide soon if information isn’t brought to the public’s attention.

Activist Lori Gregory discusses the ways you can research for yourself the evident harm prevalent in vaccinations.

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