Police State: Repeat of the Milgram experiment shows nothing has changed

(Natural News) A landmark study on human obedience that was conducted some 50 years ago has recently been replicated and showed little change in the outcome. The Milgram experiment, originally conducted by Stanley Milgram and his colleagues, was designed to test how people were willing to deliver electric shocks to another person if they were encouraged by a higher authority. While no actual electric shocks were delivered during the experiment, many participants believed they were, in fact, shocking their peers. The experiment shows that under certain conditions, pressure from authority figures would eventually push people to carry out commands despite potentially harming another individual.

Researchers at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland have recently recreated the experiment to see what the results would look like if it happened in Central European countries that were previously part of the communist-run Soviet Union. “Our objective was to examine how high a level of obedience we would encounter among residents of Poland. It should be emphasized that tests in the Milgram paradigm have never been conducted in Central Europe. The unique history of the countries in the region made the issue of obedience towards authority seem exceptionally interesting to us,” the researchers wrote….


And despite the historical knowledge which ought to be embedded in the cultures of eastern europe, they remain wolves in sheep’s clothing.   If they haven’t learned anything from their own history, what do you think our chances are here in the USA?

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