Dark Overlord Hacker Group Threatens To Release 9/11 Documents Unless They’re Paid

Starting from December 31st, the Dark Overlord hacker group began threatening that it would leak more than 18,000 “secret” documents stolen from insurers and government agencies, claiming that it contained the truth of 9/11.

The group said they were putting the documents up for auction.

“If you’re a terrorist organization such as ISIS/, Al-Qaeda, or a competing nation-state of the USA such as China or Russia, you’re welcome to purchase our trove of documents,” they said. “What we’ll be releasing is the truth. The truth about one of the most recognizable incidents in recent history and one which is shrouded in mystery with little transparency and not many answers.”

Initial MSM reports claimed that it was just insurance litigation that the hacker group had stolen and threaten to release. However it seems that there are at least some classified and confidential documents “from FAA, FBI, TSA, USDOJ, and others.”…


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