Costco is pulling Roundup from the shelves and will no longer sell the carcinogen


Another blow to Bayer (formerly Monsanto) and a win for us and the environment: it’s been confirmed that Costco will stop selling RoundUp and glyphosate-based herbicides this Spring! (Hopefully, stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot will be next.)

We know that Moms Across America and other equally huge organizations have had petitions signed by hundreds of thousands (total) to get big brand stores to stop carrying Roundup. Now the well known founder Zen Honeycutt has announced it to  tens of thousands of her readers/viewers on a Facebook live.

Be patient, our numerous sources tell us those up top at Costco will be pulling the product sooner than later.

They did ban eggs that were not cage free and other dangerous peticides, so it only seems natural this would be next for the store. We’re happy to hear this news.

Also please please call along with folks around the country asking Home Depot and Lowe’s to follow suit!

  • Home Depot – 1-800-466-3337
  • Lowe’s – 1-800-445-6937

Costco’s is the largest buyer of organic foods in the country. This move is meant to show (and is doing that) the public that they care about people and the environment. Thank you, Costco for having the integrity to make this move….

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