The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.

Before the fateful day of January 22, fewer than one in five Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaidó. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaidó had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela’s constitution.

But after a single phone call from from US Vice President Mike Pence, Guaidó proclaimed himself president of Venezuela. Anointed as the leader of his country by Washington, a previously unknown political bottom-dweller was vaulted onto the international stage as the US-selected leader of the nation with the world’s largest oil reserves….

Geo-engineering: Ignoring the consequences

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report said we have only 12 years left to save the planet. It triggered the usual frantic and ridiculous reactions.

NBC News offered this gem: “A last-ditch global warming fix? A man-made ‘volcanic’ eruption” to cool the planet.” Its article proclaimed, “Scientists and some environmentalists believe nations might have to mimic volcanic gases as a last-ditch effort to protect Earth from extreme warming.”

Proposal like this are defined as geo-engineering – trying to artificially modify Earth’s climate to offset what are presented as unnatural events. The problem is, the events they are trying to offset are actually natural events. Any scientist or politician who doesn’t understand that will undoubtedly create worse problems than those they are trying to “fix.”

From 1940 to almost 1980, the average global temperature went down. Political concerns and the alleged scientific consensus focused on global cooling. Alarmists said it could be the end of agriculture and civilization. Journalist Lowell Ponte wrote in his 1976 book, The Cooling:

“It is cold fact: the global cooling presents humankind with the most important social, political and adaptive challenge we have had to deal with for ten thousand years. Your stake in the decisions we make concerning it is of ultimate importance; the survival of ourselves, our children, our species.”

Change the word “cooling” to warming and it applies to the alarmist threats today.

The problem then was – and still is now – that people are educated in the false philosophy of uniformitarianism: the misguided belief that conditions always were and always will be as they are now, and any natural changes will occur over long periods of time.

Consequently, most people did not understand that the cooling was part of the natural cycle of climate variability, or that changes are often huge and sudden. Just 18,000 years ago we were at the peak of an Ice Age. Then, most of the ice melted and sea levels rose 150 meters (490 feet), because it was warmer for almost all of the last 10,000 years than it is today….

In the early 1800s, the world was already colder than today, and was in the process of cooling still further as a result of low, and decreasing, solar activity. This was during the period of the low sunspot activity of the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830). The billions of tons volcanic dust injected by the Tambora eruption, the largest in force of ejection for over 10,000 years, reduced sunlight dramatically.

The eruption occurred in April 1815, but its full impact on temperature wasn’t felt until 1816 because the volcano erupted vertically at the Equator and the dust it ejected into the Stratosphere took several months to impact both Hemispheres.

Harvest failures were widespread, especially in the densely populated areas of the eastern US and western Europe. In 1816 it snowed as far south as the Carolinas in July, and the year was dubbed “Eighteen hundred and froze to death.” The US government pleaded with farmers not to eat their seed stock as they would have nothing for the following year. That’s hard to do when your children are starving….

Since the best climate experts say that we can expect a gradual cooling over the next few decades as the Sun weakens, the last thing we should be doing now is artificially cooling the planet still further. Consider that as recently as 1680, in the depths of the Little Ice Age, there was a meter of ice on the Thames River in London, something unimaginable today.

In approximately 90 years, the height up the side of the glens in Scotland to which you could farm lowered by 200 meters. That doesn’t sound like much, but such a vertical change took half of Scotland out of food production. That’s the real reason for the Highland Clearances, the forced evacuation of Scotland’s Highlands and western islands.

As always, government response was inadequate or inappropriate. It is setting up to be the same this time, because the government not only ignored science but attacked those who tried to practice proper science.

“Taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere,” as advocated by the IPCC in its October 8 news conference, is also foolish. Historic records show that, at about 410 parts per million (ppm), the level of CO2 supposedly in the atmosphere now, we are near the lowest in the last 280 million years. As plants evolved over that time, the average level was 1200 ppm. That is why commercial greenhouses boost CO2 to that level to increase plant growth and yields by a factor of four.

The IPCC has been wrong in every prediction it’s made since 1990. It would be a grave error to use its latest forecasts as the excuse to engage in geo-engineering experiments with the only planet we have.

Of course geoengineering via toxic stratospheric coal ash spraying is already happening on a global scale, but we’re not supposed to know that.   In any case, as always, follow the money:

The Real Enemy: YOU

Research Coverup of Vitamin D Scandal Continues

DALLAS, Jan. 30, 2019 — The risk of pregnancy-related stroke is much higher among black women than among white women, according to preliminary research to be presented in Honolulu at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2019, a world premier meeting for researchers and clinicians dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease.

Stroke is the fifth-leading cause of death and a major cause of long-term disability in the United States. Women are more likely than men to have a stroke and to die as a result, and pregnancy increases the risk. In addition, blacks are at greater risk than whites….

  • Black women were at 64 percent higher risk for stroke during delivery and 66 percent higher risk for stroke during postpartum admissions than white women.
  • Black and Hispanic women with pregnancy-related , such as preeclampsia, were twice as likely as white women to have a stroke during delivery.
  • Postpartum stroke hospitalizations for Hispanic women did not differ from white women.

“Further research is needed to better understand if these high-risk groups would benefit from a more aggressive blood pressure control,” said Maria Daniela Zambrano, M.D., study lead author and fellow in vascular neurology at Columbia University in New York. “It is also important to carefully look at all of the modifiable risk factors that could help prevent stroke in these groups.”

Modifiable stroke risk factors include lifestyle changes, controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight, diabetes and healthy eating, smoking cessation and physically activity.

“We have to identify our obstetric patients at higher risk of cerebrovascular complications and develop an individualized prenatal care plan after considering all their predisposing factors including race,” Zambrano said….

Science marches on.  But still no mention of the scandalous FDA RDA for vitamin D.   How much longer can they keep chronic D deficiency (and the incompetence or culpability of taxpayer funded researchers in maintaining this deficiency) a secret?   This is some kind of mind control.   Or maybe just ordinary wholesale corruption.

Note: earthlings evolved to live in sunshine.    As such, it should not be surprising that humans have grown accustomed to rely on sunshine to procure an essential nutrient.    Since humans weren’t invented by medicine and aren’t assembled in medical factories, it should not be necessary to prove (to medical “standards”) that at minimum, humans need the amount of vitamin D normally generated by a minimum exposure to sunshine.   I know it’s not “scientific”, but given the preponderance of ignorance in medical science (which still hasn’t figured out that babies need their mothers and their blood ), it seems only prudent.   On the other hand, given the medical profits generated by D deficiency, I’m not surprised that it’s not a popular topic in medical research.

  1. Dark skinned people are more D deficient than light skinned people, due to their skin pigmentation.
  2. D deficiency is linked to preeclampsia:
  3. which is a major cause of stroke in pregnant women:

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait for medicine to prove the need for food and water!   I wonder if they could prove it to their  vaunted standards even today.

For the record, D is involved in all kinds of metabolic pathways, from the immune system to antioxidants to cancer prevention.   Yet the FDA’s RDA is still based on the prevention of rickets!  Of course the immunity connection probably generates more doctor visits than any other health issue. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

I’m a white male about 180 lb with a (medically) compromised immune system (either vaccines or water fluoridation leading to hyperthyroidism), I’m constantly exposed to avian viruses via my chickens, and since I started taking 10,000 IU a day (which is about what a shirtless caucasian would generate by spending 20 minutes in the sunshine) I hardly ever get a cold any more.   When I do feel something coming on, I might boost it to 30,000 in a day, inhale some colloidal silver mist (topical antiseptic for the respiratory system) and by the next morning it’s gone.   No side effects, no doctors, no prescriptions, no wiping out of my gut microbiome.

Of course I’m not a doctor.   Maybe they should have a diploma for that.

High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Black Pregnant Women and Neonates Residing in Northern USA

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Luciferians Want a New Massacre to Push Gun Control

… The Atlantic’s Dick Polman actually suggested in a story published this week that more Americans needed to be slaughtered by a madman so that Democrats could use the “new massacre” to elevate gun control to “a first-tier story.”

It’s thinking like this that would have made “Uncle” Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler blush. (Related: Dems’ gun control push won’t be enforceable without a national gun registry.)

As reported by Breitbart News, Polman, a contributor to the Left-wing magazine, acknowledged that Democrats took over control of the House in the November midterms with one of their political objectives being new restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Democrats have, indeed, begun their push, introducing legislation that criminalizes private gun sales by requiring Americans to get government permission, via a background check, beforehand.

Gun control fail

However, Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins reports:

Polman notes that the gun control bill did not garner major airplay in the establishment media, leading him to suggest a “new massacre” will be key in getting the push more attention. He wrote: “The Democrats’ championing of gun reform is not currently a first-tier story, but a new massacre would likely make it so.”

Polman lamented that the Jan. 23 SunTrust Bank shooting failed to elevate gun control to the top of Democrats’ political agenda. As Hawkins noted, the real lesson to glean from the murders is that once again, gun control failed to keep Americans safe — and in particular, Florida’s red flag law and waiting periods.

The Democrat Party has transformed itself into an authoritarian party of death. When it isn’t celebrating infanticide in New York, it is praying for Americans to be gunned down over a political agenda. Sick.

Read more about Democrats’ push for new gun control measures at

Sources include:

Isn’t that interesting.  They aren’t against violence per se, they’re  against our ability to defend ourselves from it.    What did rockefeller say?   Competition is a sin.   Grassroots self defense is competition.  They want all the power to themselves, centralized in washington or london or wherever they intend to sit in judgement of us and our continued existence.   It will be so much more efficient that way.

I don’t know what he means by The Atlantic being leftist.   It’s an orifice of NATO (bzzt!  I was thinking of the atlantic council) and the military industrial complex.   But I don’t know what “leftist” means any more either.   It’s certainly turning into something other than what I used to call myself.    But genocidal maniacs have always been good at wearing whatever mask is expedient at any given time.

If they were serious about reducing gun violence they’d ban SSRI psych drugs whose approval began the era of senseless massacres by sleepwalking depressed people.   (see   After that they might look at obstetrical violence and other types of medical atrocities against children.   But I guess they don’t like kids either.   In any case, like virtually all the media, they subscribe to the ludicrous 9/11 hoax and so are fine with mass murder in distant lands as long as it serves the empire’s strategic interests.

All hail the naked emperor!

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