Success: Veteran suicide rates continue to climb

Sorry to be blunt here but the fact is that veterans are specifically being targeted because 1) they have demonstrated their willingness to fight for their country, 2) they have learned how to fight, 3) they tend to be physically fit, and 4) many have discovered that they were deceived and ruthlessly exploited. These factors make them obvious targets, so it’s very convenient for the luciferians that the latter factor is precisely the demographic that would be most likely to resort to suicide, especially given the fact that suicide and homicide-inducing SSRI’s are frequently prescribed for depression and PTS, despite the availability of far superior alternatives.    The same holds in the civilian sector for that matter.   Unhappy people tend to cause trouble for the status quo, so good riddance as far as “they” are concerned.

The real government doesn’t even wait for soldiers to leave the military before the attacks begin. I know someone who trained as an army medic during the iraq war. By far, most of the training dealt with how to give vaccinations. Not patching wounds, not fixing bones, not giving transfusions, not transporting the wounded. Vaccination.  Forcible vaccination under penalty of court martial.   See any red flags here?

God help them.  And us.

Suicide prevention efforts by the Department of Veterans Affairs fell off sharply in the last two years, even though reducing the high suicide rate among veterans is the agency’s top clinical priority, according to a new report.

With the department’s top management in turmoil, the suicide prevention effort lacked leadership, planning meetings were repeatedly canceled, millions of dollars budgeted for outreach went unspent, and the television and radio ads that had been broadcast thousands of times across the country in previous years went all but silent.

The striking breakdown in prevention efforts is detailed in a Government Accountability Office report released late Monday. The report says that bureaucratic confusion and vacancies in key posts are largely to blame.

In a response released with the report, the V.A. concurred with the accountability office’s assessment and said it was already working on correcting the problems.

The suicide rate among veterans is about twice that of the general population, and has been rising among younger veterans who served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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