Stop adding cancer-causing chemicals to meat, experts tell food industry

The reputation of the meat industry will sink to that of big tobacco unless it removes cancer-causing chemicals from processed products such as bacon and ham, a coalition of experts and politicians warn today.

Led by Professor Chris Elliott, the food scientist who ran the UK government’s investigation into the horse-meat scandal, and Dr Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist, the coalition claims there is a “consensus of scientific opinion” that the nitrites used to cure meats produce carcinogens called nitrosamines when ingested.

It says there is evidence that consumption of processed meats containing these chemicals results in 6,600 bowel cancer cases every year in the UK – four times the fatalities on British roads – and is campaigning for the issue to be taken as seriously as sugar levels in food….

As long as someone is talking rationally about the deliberate poisoning of the food supply, why are chickens still being fed arsenic?

which also finds its way into organic rice via chicken poop fertilizer:

It seems to me we need an overhaul of the food industry, starting with the “food science” departments at the universities where many such crazy ideas originate.

Food is food.   That’s it.  Everything else is something else.   What could be more obvious?

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