People with functioning brains are the new terrorists

“Conspiracy theorists” in practice are simply those people who notice the disconnect between observable or logically deducible reality and what the “free press” insists is reality.   When faced with such contradictions, a scientific mind is forced to conclude that there are invisible mechanisms of coordination and control behind the public behavior of the media and the government, and by implication, public history and public education.   It’s not surprising that such thinking would be pathologized by those who have made a business model of deception-based control.   Galileo faced the same predicament in his day, when the media and government were openly unified under the church.    Today that trinity is hidden but no less unified.   Establishment “science” has replaced “God”.   Mass education and monopoly media have replaced the vatican’s monopoly control of the bible.  Blood sacrifice, the inquisition and salvation are neatly packaged and marketed as medicalized birth and male infant circumcision.   But it’s still just about mind control.   Beneath it all, the historical constant is the usually (but not always) invisible luciferian priesthood which controls virtually all the major religious, economic and political institutions.

Those who wage war on logic and observation are in effect openly declaring their own hostile intent against humanity itself.   Presumably they won’t be bashful about the domestic deployment of the torture and mass murder strategies that they’ve extensively utilized in the foreign arena, when it’s needed here. For now though, the seeming ambiguity of their intentions is sufficient to hold the herd in check.


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