Patent for Subliminal Message via Voice-Actuated FM Modulation of Audio Carrier

It’s very strange that the brain can decode this signal intelligibly.   It’s as if it’s doing a fourier transform of the audio.   What does this say about the role of time in subjective experience?   Is neural organization some kind of convolution of all experience?

It gives some idea of the arbitrary nature of how we experience the world.   But people who have done psychedelics already know that!

An alternative explanation is that being at the upper boundary of human hearing serves to effectively AM modulate the signal by attenuating the higher frequency swings of the signal to generate a similar envelope.    It would be easy enough to prove this by putting the carrier in the middle of the hearing range and see whether the signal can still be deciphered.    But the former explanation is far more interesting.


Something I ran across that might be related.  Visual vs sequential processing of information:

Do you know things without being able to explain how or why? Do you solve problems in unusual ways? Do you think in pictures rather than in words? If so, you are not alone. One-third of the population thinks in images. You may be one or you may live with one. If you teach, it is absolutely certain that some of your students—probably the ones you aren’t reaching—are visual-spatial learners. Dr. Linda Silverman coined the term “visual-spatial learner” in 1981 to describe the unique gifts of people who think in images. They get the big picture because they see the world through artists’ eyes. They remember what they see, but forget what they hear. They’re disorganized, can’t spell and have no sense of time, but they have an infectious sense of humor, wild imaginations and can lose themselves completely in the joy of the moment….

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