Now Russia wants Americans to be Armed

Russian firearms enthusiast Maria Butina admitted on Wednesday in US District Court in Washington that she conspired with an unnamed American to act at the direction of a Russian official “to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over U.S. politics…for the benefit of the Russian Federation.”

After initially claiming innocence after her July arrest, the 30-year-old Butina accepted a deal with prosecutors and flipped her plea to guilty – agreeing to work with authorities who accused her of gathering intelligence on American officials as well as conservative political organizations. She has been in jail without bail since her arrest.

The American Butina worked with has been identified as Paul Erickson, a longtime GOP operative based in South Dakota with strong ties to the National Rifle Association and the Russian gun rights community. Erickson, who was in a romantic relationship with Butina, allegedly attempted to establish a backchannel between the NRA and Russian Government – while also reaching out to Trump campaign members Rick Dearborn and then-Senator Jeff Sessions in a 2016 email with the subject “Kremlin connection.” The email sought a meeting between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at an annual NRA convention.

The Trump campaign declined the invitation, however Butina allegedly worked with Erickson to try and arrange a meeting between Trump and her boss, former Russian central banker Alexander Torshin – who is believed to be her handler. …

Following Butina’s arrest, the Russian embassy complained that Butina was being subjected to unwarranted strip searches and denial of proper medical care in an effort to “break her will.” Her defense attorney, Robert Driscoll, claims she has suffered health problems in jail and has been denied proper treatment.

It’s not enough that the russians tricked mueller into spending 2 years and millions of dollars investigating the non-existent russian dnc email hack , exposing the entire DOJ and MSM as corrupt politicized globalist operations and undermining public confidence in our “democratic” institutions , or their exposure of obama’s two-faced dirty war in syria as a regime-change operation conducted via the CIA’s ISIS proxy army , or their insistence on pointing out that nato is surrounding russia with ABM bases designed to neutralize any russian retaliation for the USA’s all-but-publicly-proclaimed nuclear first strike preparations.   Now they’re encouraging americans to stand up for their constitutional rights.  What will those treacherous russkies do next, vaccinate their population against the bioweapons the empire is developing on their doorstep utilizing  dna samples harvested from the local ethnic russian populations , a “national security” project from which the USA itself is apparently not immune.

I think we finally found the WMD’s that were used to justify the invasion, destruction and occupation of iraq.   They were never in iraq to begin with.   How obvious does this have to be?

Maybe I’m just a little too cynical but I seriously doubt it.  Between the threats and the bribes and endless legal resources available to the permanent government, butina could see her situation was hopeless if she didn’t cooperate with the agenda, which is fascist globalism under the benevolent guidance of the luciferian central banksters, war with russia and war with the ability of americans to defend themselves from the coming destitute nazi state.   All for our own good of course.   Just like male genital mutilation.

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