Captain and First Officers Argue on the Bridge of the Titanic

Trump says $5B is what he needs for a wall.   The empire pisses that amount of money away in a few days on its expeditionary forces or on the engineered trade imbalance or on the interest payments on our mysteriously conjured “national debt”.    And that’s just what’s above board and claimed to be legitimate by the public face of the regime of domestic social control.

A nation is an organism.   Organisms require skin to protect internal dynamics from external dynamics, otherwise the organism ceases to exist.   Some people believe that would be a good thing, that the empire has a karmic debt that must be paid.   But the empire is not the USA and it won’t pay a penny.    It’s the pawns in the empire’s games that always pay.   The empire doesn’t care about the USA, except insofar as we’ve been a source of blood and sweat for their schemes of global domination.

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