With Free Speech Defenders Like CNN, Who Needs Stalin?

Carlson went down a few notches in my estimation after I saw his mistreatment of Steven Jones (former BYU physics professor) over his article raising the mere possibility of the controlled demolition of the wtc on 9/11.  I mean seriously, even at the time, how could anyone believe there was even a pretense of an investigation when most of the girders (including highly suspicious looking 45-degree butter-cut girders) were trucked out and shipped to china without physical analysis?   Luckily independent investigators still had access to the wtc dust.  https://web.archive.org/web/20141201114254/http://benthamopen.com/tocpj/articles/V002/7TOCPJ.htm   The hoover institution is also a mixed bag, not to mention fox news.   But you take what you can get.

The reliability of a “free press” with the record of the USA’s MSM is beyond even comedic satire.    It is a tool of evil.   Its most reliable function is to signal which lie the public is intended to believe and thus what our invisible masters are planning for the future.

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