Inflicting Transgenderism Ideology on Midwifery

There are good and decent people who identify as “different” for whatever reason (I think endocrine disruptors and vaccination of pregnant women probably has something to do with it).  But as with everything else from mom to apple pie to the earth, the satanic pedocracy is trying to market all manner of social and family and economic destabilization under the banner of “liberalism”.  This is what I mean by “transgender ideology”.

Hint: men don’t have babies. At least not yet.

As I watch how systematically and abusively female language is being erased from everyday language and especially within the birth world, a small part of me dies. Suddenly being a woman, a mother and a proud female is synonymous with BIGOT, TERF, NAZI and murderer. You have to wonder where this compelled speech is going to take us? Will we soon be behind bars for wrong think? People are already losing their jobs and being blacklisted.

Seeing how easily fellow Midwives and Doulas cave into and cater to this misogyny breaks me down. I’m angry! I’m hurt. I’m watching my chosen profession lose its female centered purpose! Humor is sometimes all I have left to cope with…..

Explaining birth sensitively:

As your housing cavity muscles contract, your front hole opening responds by well, OPENING. The housing cavity spasms continue until the gestated human life borg’s head emerges, next comes the the lifeform’s non binary body, and legs. Be careful to not confuse or imprint the lifeform by using gendered language… IT needs to be able to express their/they/them/ze/zer/za/Zimbabwe’s identity to you first either by speaking to you, using sign language, tapping Morse code or by interpretive dance. Next you’ll need to feed your human life form. Locate the feeder bags attached to your front wall, just above the housing cavity. If you have any trouble feeding, you may want to ask for a chestfeeding/front wall advocate to assist. Front wall secretion is truly best for your IT, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t make enough feeder juice. The non gestating parent that provided their private magic mouse can simply take a cocktail of hormones and also chest feed. This promotes bonding with your borg, even if we have no scientific evidence that’s it’s safe!

Enjoy your experience as a gestator and birthing life borg person. You will have the opportunity to identify as a menstruator in a few weeks or months unless you are chestfeeding from your feederbags, you may delay bleeding from your front hole for a longer period of time. (Shit! Did I just say “period”-I’m so sorry, please don’t cry….. duration of time).
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