Fascist Purge Continues: Paypal Adds Bitchute to Blacklist

WordPress, twitter, facebook, youtube, google and paypal are acting in a very coordinated way to purge dissidents (left and right) and the platforms that give them a voice from the net.  The only permissible viewpoint seems to be straight establishment,  i.e. DNC, CNN, MSNBC, wapo, NYT, AP etc.    Even Jeanice Barcelo has been purged from paypal, apparently for offering natural birthing classes.  It’s enough to make you believe in the existence of the devil.

But I guess we should thank them for laying out which media to not trust in such a concise way, in the same way that the hype bombs delineated the prominent people involved in false flag political operations.   Thanks a*holes!

And you probably thought the nazis lost WWII.   Sorry.   They were never based in germany, they’re based in london and wall street.

If you think it will stop with censorship you are sadly mistaken.   History is repeating, or rhyming anyway.   We’re dealing with a business model here, and it’s still as profitable as it was in WWII.   But the least they could do is get believable, considering how expensive this propaganda operation is.   After all, we’re paying for it.

Payment processor PayPal has permanently banned video platform BitChute from using its services.

BitChute, a competitor of Google’s video giant YouTube, released a statement addressing PayPal’s decision to sever ties with the company on Wednesday.

“A few hours ago BitChute received a notice that our PayPal account has been permanently limited, with immediate effect, and that we will no longer be able to accept or send payments,” the statement reads….


Health Ranger threatened by left-wing media goons: “Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am being threatened with the “complete destruction” of my reputation, my brand and my character by left-wing media operatives who have issued a new threat this week: “Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU.”

Alex Jones, of course, is the founder of InfoWars.com, one of the most popular multi-media publishers of pro-America news, videos and radio broadcasts in the world.

The warning implies that a barrage of left-wing media stories will target me personally — obviously spreading “fake news” lies — unless I agree to go public with “opposition research” targeting Jones that was previously delivered to me on a physical thumb drive.

I destroyed the thumb drive and refused to kow-tow to the insane, criminal agenda of destruction and lies now being pursued daily by the unhinged, delusional left-wing media (and its puppet masters such as George Soros).

I have no doubt I am being targeted with this threat because I previously served as a substitute host for the Alex Jones Show, from 2011 – 2013. After I left the show in 2013, I was contacted by another left-wing media source that offered to pay me $50,000 to “expose” Alex Jones.

I refused.

Later, someone with access to some very advanced technology was able to engage me in a phone text conversation where they impersonated Alex Jones’ cell phone number, but I quickly realized it was a ruse and cut off communication….


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