Russian Space Agency Chief Wants to ‘Check’ If Americans Walked on the Moon

Uh oh.   The spell is being broken.   See there’s a little matter of photographic anomalies, the van allen belt and the mysterious destruction of the saturn 5 booster stage blueprints.   Not to mention the odd behavior of the returned astronauts from apollo 11.

Since russia has its own skeletons and assortment of staged events and false flags, I’m not surprised that they simply decided to cooperate at the time.   At the highest levels, the biggest concern of all governments is controlling their own people.


While it is widely believed that the 1969 Apollo 11 mission did successfully deliver the first people to the Moon, many still claim that the famous moon landing was faked. The Apollo program marked perhaps the biggest triumph for the US in the Space Race with the USSR.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian national space agency Roscosmos, has offered to “check” whether the American moon landing program was not a hoax.

Speaking with Moldovan President Igor Dodon about the prospects of a moon base, Rogozin suggested that no country can bear the burden of a costly moon program alone.

When asked if American astronauts landed on the moon, Rogozin replied with a smile, “We have set a task to fly and see whether they were [on the Moon] or not.”

“They say that they were, so we will check [it].”…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Russia & China Invest in Infrastructure; U.S. Instead Spends on Military

China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is famous as an extension of their domestic infrastructure investments, but Russia is also investing heavily in infrastructure. Both countries need to do it in order to improve the future for their respective populations, and both Governments have avoided the Western development model of going heavily into debt in order to pay for creating and maintaining infrastructure. Both are, in fact, exceptionally low-debt Governments.

According to the “Global Debt Clock” at Economist, China has a public debt/GDP of 17.7%, and Russia’s is 8.0%. For comparison, America’s is 93.6%. (Others are: Germany 85.8%, Spain 91.2%, Italy 122.6%, Greece 147.1%, India 54.2%, Pakistan 47.0%, and Brazil 55.0%.)

The United States isn’t going into public debt in order to finance building or maintenance of infrastructure, but instead to finance expansions of its military, which is already (and by far) the world’s largest (in terms of its costs, but not of its numbers of troops)….

Child bride auctioned on Facebook in ‘barbaric use of technology’


Facebook has come under fire for a “barbaric use of technology” that allowed the sale of a child bride to be held on its site.

An auction was held on the social media platform for a 16-year-old girl in South Sudan which sought payment for her hand in marriage.
Facebook said the post was taken down as soon as the company learned of it, but that wasn’t until after the girl was married.
According to children’s rights organization Plan International, the girl was bid on by five men, some of whom were reportedly high-ranking South Sudanese government officials.
Activists are concerned that this auction — for which the father reportedly received 500 cows, three cars and $10,000 in exchange for his daughter — could inspire other families to use social media sites to receive larger payments….

Human trafficking is only for aristocrats. What were they thinking?

The Disaster Capitalist Who Ran Sears Into the Ground

In terms of profit per unit time, disaster capitalism is hands-down the most lucrative racket ever invented.


Sears CEO Eddie Lampert in 2017: “We don’t need more customers. We have all the customers we could possibly want”

Sears Holdings, (shld, +0.00%) which operates the namesake department store chain and Kmart, has been bleeding business for years and lost a total of almost $10 billion in the last six years. Sales at existing Kmart stores fell 7.4% last year, while at Sears they were down 9.3%, much bigger drops than at almost all other major retailers, despite the closing of dozens of the weakest stores in each chain.

Despite all that, Sears CEO Eddie Lampert, a hedge fund manager who engineered the Kmart-Sears merger in 2004, insists that the retailer has all the shoppers it needs. He has been promising investors a turnaround for years, saying Sears was remaking itself as a member-centric retailer less reliant on physical space thanks to its well regarded Shop Your Way loyalty program.

“We don’t need more customers. We have all the customers we could possibly want,” Lampert told shareholders at the Sears annual meeting on Wednesday, speaking of the Shop Your Way program. His comments were confirmed by a Sears spokesman.

In recent years, Sears has sold off many of its best stores, and hived off brands like Lands’ End apparel and Craftsmen tools to raise money. And earlier this year, credit ratings agency Fitch said Sears would burn through $1.8 billion this year and even hinted at the possibility of bankruptcy. Sears Holdings itself in its annual report in March recognized “substantial doubt exists related to the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”…

GNB Episodes on

Guns and Butter also has a website ( but some of these shows aren’t there, and the complete KPFA archive has been book-burned by our self-appointed thought police on the manufactured left.  For your own good.   Or the earth, or tolerance, or something else.   Who knows.   All I know is we need to trust the banksters, whatever costume they’re wearing

Luciferia’s MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe

Historically speaking I think much of modern-day satanism was based in the british empire and later infected the USA.   Thus the name Luciferia.

In any case I hope the standard-issue “sources and methods” pleas are given the credence due any mob-connected lawyer.

“Britain” is not an ally of the american people.   It’s not even an ally of the british people.

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, has been scrambling to prevent President Trump from publishing classified materials linked to the Russian election meddling investigation, according to The Telegraph, stating that any disclosure would “undermine intelligence gathering if he releases pages of an FBI application to wiretap one of his former campaign advisers.”

Trump’s allies, however, are fighting back – demanding transparency and suggesting that the UK wouldn’t want the documents withheld unless it had something to hide.

The Telegraph has talked to more than a dozen UK and US officials, including in American intelligence, who have revealed details about the row.

British spy chiefs have “genuine concern” about sources being exposed if classified parts of the wiretap request were made public, according to figures familiar with discussions.

It boils down to the exposure of people”, said one US intelligence official, adding: “We don’t want to reveal sources and methods.” US intelligence shares the concerns of the UK.

Another said Britain feared setting a dangerous “precedent” which could make people less likely to share information, knowing that it could one day become public. –The Telegraph

The Telegraph adds that the UK’s dispute with the Trump administration is so politically sensitive that staff within the British Embassy in D.C. haver been barred from discussing it with journalists. Theresa May has also “been kept at arms-length and is understood to have not raised the issue directly with the US president.”

In September, we reported that the British government “expressed grave concerns” over the material in question after President Trump issued an order to the DOJ to release a wide swath of materials, “immediately” and “without redaction.”

Trump walked that order back days later after the UK begged him not to release them.

Mr Trump wants to declassify 21 pages from one of the applications. He announced the move in September, then backtracked, then this month said he was “very seriously” considering it again. Both Britain and Australia are understood to be opposing the move.

Memos detailing alleged ties between Mr Trump and Russia compiled by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, were cited in the application, which could explain some of the British concern. –The Telegraph

Inflicting Transgenderism Ideology on Midwifery

There are good and decent people who identify as “different” for whatever reason (I think endocrine disruptors and vaccination of pregnant women probably has something to do with it).  But as with everything else from mom to apple pie to the earth, the satanic pedocracy is trying to market all manner of social and family and economic destabilization under the banner of “liberalism”.  This is what I mean by “transgender ideology”.

Hint: men don’t have babies. At least not yet.

As I watch how systematically and abusively female language is being erased from everyday language and especially within the birth world, a small part of me dies. Suddenly being a woman, a mother and a proud female is synonymous with BIGOT, TERF, NAZI and murderer. You have to wonder where this compelled speech is going to take us? Will we soon be behind bars for wrong think? People are already losing their jobs and being blacklisted.

Seeing how easily fellow Midwives and Doulas cave into and cater to this misogyny breaks me down. I’m angry! I’m hurt. I’m watching my chosen profession lose its female centered purpose! Humor is sometimes all I have left to cope with…..

Explaining birth sensitively:

As your housing cavity muscles contract, your front hole opening responds by well, OPENING. The housing cavity spasms continue until the gestated human life borg’s head emerges, next comes the the lifeform’s non binary body, and legs. Be careful to not confuse or imprint the lifeform by using gendered language… IT needs to be able to express their/they/them/ze/zer/za/Zimbabwe’s identity to you first either by speaking to you, using sign language, tapping Morse code or by interpretive dance. Next you’ll need to feed your human life form. Locate the feeder bags attached to your front wall, just above the housing cavity. If you have any trouble feeding, you may want to ask for a chestfeeding/front wall advocate to assist. Front wall secretion is truly best for your IT, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t make enough feeder juice. The non gestating parent that provided their private magic mouse can simply take a cocktail of hormones and also chest feed. This promotes bonding with your borg, even if we have no scientific evidence that’s it’s safe!

Enjoy your experience as a gestator and birthing life borg person. You will have the opportunity to identify as a menstruator in a few weeks or months unless you are chestfeeding from your feederbags, you may delay bleeding from your front hole for a longer period of time. (Shit! Did I just say “period”-I’m so sorry, please don’t cry….. duration of time).
#newspeak #sensitivitytraining #womenarentworthyoftheirownlanguage #languagematters #misgenderingisliteralvoilence #mybabyisanIT