Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Questions and Anomalies

Unfortunately, in light of the recent string of false-flag and hoaxed incidents designed to drive us in fear into the arms of the National Security State, every incident must now be considered suspect until shown otherwise. The Pittsburgh shooting exhibits characteristics of a staged event that must be addressed. Vivian Lee has done that here https://memoryholeblog.org/2018/10/29/pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting-questions-and-anomalies 

There is evidence that this was a drill-gone-live, with crisis actors and irregular treatment of “victims'” bodies. Excerpts…

As with other drills-gone-live, there are no bodies, blood, or other gruesome evidence that a massacre has occurred. Despite hearing about victims being “extracted” from the synagogue, there is no indication of any such actions. Only one empty stretcher is visible in photos from the scene, and no helicopters are shown airlifting victims to nearby hospitals, three of which have supposedly accepted the injured. As with Sandy Hook and other such events, victims were apparently declared dead at the scene, although this is not standard protocol; except in unusual circumstances, in an effort to save lives, victims are normally transported to a hospital. And as with Sandy Hook, the bodies of the dead were apparently identified and left where they fell – although we hear that “a Jewish volunteer group from New York will soon go through the grueling task of collecting all the blood and bodily fluids from the 11 victims left inside” the synagogue.

Reports of active-shooter training have cropped up, and Stephen Weiss, mentioned above, had taken part in such training “the year before,” according to The New York Times. Michael Eisenberg, ex-president of the synagogue, reports that they had been working with DHS on security issues, “to evaluate exit routes,” and also with the security expert at the Jewish Federation on “what to do in an active shooter situation,” along with other area synagogues.[8] An FBI active-shooter drill was held at the nearby Jewish Community Center on Thursday evening, January 25, 2018, as reported in the local press. And, in a nice touch, the shooter is called an “actor” by police chief Scott Schubert in an interview; Bowers is again called an “actor” in audio from a police scanner.[9]

There is nothing definitive here, but it follows a pattern and deserves scrutiny going forward. Mainstream complicity is part of the equation as well. Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland,  and more have all been relegated to the memory hole, while the ridiculous #MAGA bomber psyop wends its way through the propaganda mill. Stay tuned…


Sears Creditors Accuse Lampert Of Stealing $2.6 Billion

With bankrupt retailer Sears still struggling to find a bankruptcy financing package to allow it to continue operating (although Reuters reported that a loan as much as $600 million may be available soon), an even greater headache has emerged for the company’s owner: Sears creditors have asked bankruptcy court to probe transactions involving Sears’ biggest shareholder, Eddie Lampert, that they say may have resulted in Lampert stealing bilking them of $2.6 billion.

According to Bloomberg, based on a limited investigation since Sears filed for bankruptcy less than a month ago, the official committee of the company’s creditors said it believes there are claims over “related-party transactions” involving Lampert, his hedge fund ESL Investments and Fairholme Capital Management. In court papers, the committee also said some claims are related to Seritage Growth Properties.

“The circumstances surrounding the various transactions raise the possibility that ESL and other insiders may have exercised undue influence to siphon value away from the company on favorable terms,” the creditors alleged in the documents….


More importantly, he’s stealing 10’s of thousands of desperately needed jobs.   And STILL congress refuses to act on vulture capitalism, what, 30 years into the phenomenon?  This is not an accident.   Money is changing hands.

Sears was Destroyed from Within by Hedge Fund Operative

NYU Professor Says Parents Have No Right to Refuse Vaccines for Their Children

It seems subtle or not-so-subtle immune dysfunction and brain damage are becoming prerequisites for membership in the herd.   “Safety in numbers” is giving way to “delayed recognition of danger in numbers”.    Will they start amputating legs at some point?   “Oh you don’t need these anyway do you?  The herd will take care of you.   Besides, where will you run to, silly?”

Needless to say, our high priests of authority have a serious lack of insight into their own autistic behavior as they act out their roles in their intellectual skinner boxes.   The slightest degree of humility and a recognition of their own ignorance would be nice.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.  — Confucius

via govtslaves.info:

In a recent video commentary published in Medscape, New York University professor Arthur L. Caplan, PhD offered his views on the question of whether children have “vaccination rights.”

Dr. Caplan thinks that what he defines as the “vaccination rights” of minor children supersede the legal right of their parents to exercise informed consent to vaccination on their children’s behalf if a parent elects to decline one or more government recommended vaccines for whatever reason. He claims that vaccinating children represents a higher moral imperative than respecting the informed consent rights of parents.

“I want to point out a moral stance that I don’t think has gotten enough attention, which is that every child has the right to be vaccinated,” said Caplan. “We keep talking about parents’ right to say yes or no, to avoid mandates or requirements, or to do what they choose to do. Someone has to speak up and say, ‘Well, what about the kids? Don’t they have any rights?’”

Caplan believes that if parents refuse to vaccinate their kids the government has the right to override the legal right of parents to make medical care decisions for their children. Caplan argues that the government has the duty to vaccinate the children without the consent of the parents and by force, if need be. “If the parents won’t do it, I think it’s the responsibility of the state or the government to do it,” said Caplan. “The presumption should be not listening to what parents who don’t want to vaccinate are saying, but starting out with a presumption that kids have a right to fight off deadly diseases, that kids who can’t be vaccinated have a right to protection. How do we move public policy forward from there?”1

Attempts to answer Caplan’s question about how to “move public policy forward” on the issue of parental rights regarding vaccination of their children are already well underway in the United States. Legislation has been introduced in states like California that would seek to give government the right to make health care decisions for children, even against the wishes of their parents, if the state deems the decisions to be in the best interests of the children.

Such legislation would also allow government authorities to take legal physical custody of children in cases where parents refuse to comply with mandates forcing or coercing them to vaccinate their children.

The thrust of Caplan’s thought process is that, at least when it comes to vaccination of children, parents should be stripped of their informed consent rights. Apparently, Caplan takes the view that the informed health care decisions that parents make for their children are just not relevant if those decisions conflict with government policy.

But it is precisely this “long held legal right to make informed, voluntary decisions about pharmaceutical products and medical procedures that carry risks for their children,” says Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), that is “all that stands between parents and exploitation of their children by those in positions of power in society with a personal or professional vested interest in forcing every child to use pharmaceutical products that are not safe or effective for every child.”…


The vaccine discovery that destroyed Judy Mikovitz’s career