Vaccine Coverup: Open Letter to Republican National Committee

In 2016 then-candidate president Donald J. Trump campaigned on a matter of grave interest to many Americans, especially those who have vaccine damaged children. Upon becoming President he spoke about establishing a Vaccine Science and Safety Commission headed up by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As a supporter of, and advocate for, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’sChildren’s Health Defenseorganization ( I would like to see the RNC’s platform from now until the 2020 election cycle, include the fulfillment of one of President Trump’s campaign issues i.e., vaccine safety. President Trump has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises and establishing this vaccine commission would be like ‘icing on the cake’.

Vaccine industry misrepresentation of vaccine safety is rooted in their failure of fully informed consent regarding health harming and toxic ingredients mandatorily injected into our children. Concomitantly, and possibly coincidentally, since the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 the number of mandated vaccines has escalated significantly.  Currently, a child born today will have 65 doses of various vaccines by the time they reach 18, with 49 of those doses for 14 vaccines by age 6. The cumulative impact of health damaging and toxic ingredients in vaccines have never been studied and are now thought by many scientists to be a major part of the neurodevelopment and immune system damage being visited on our children. For example, most vaccines contain aluminum, a known brain toxin, and many contain live viruses now suspect in this health crisis.

Particularly egregious is vaccinating pregnant women, which was anathema to the teaching of all health practitioners who considered even the consumption of one aspirin to be of concern. Could pregnancy vaccinations be contributing to the U.S. having 50% more first-day newborn deaths than all other industrialized nations combined? (5/7/13 Michelle Castillo CBS news report) Could the Hepatitis B vaccine given newborns on their day of birth be contributing to these deaths?

Could these vaccinations be part of the reason our children are dead last in mortality of the 20 wealthiest nations? (1/8/18 CNN report by Jacqueline Howard).

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Children’s Health Defensemore than half of our kids are chronically ill; Autism is as high as 28% in some states; and one in six children has a learning or behavioral disorder.

As a perfect example of “vaccine politics,” Representative Bill Posey of Florida went before Congress on July 29, 2015 to call for an investigation into the CDC whistleblower William Thompson PhD’s revelation of fraud.

This video documents in Dr. Thompson’s own words the fraud perpetrated by CDC.

The fraudulent CDC science was about the MMR vaccine causing autism in young black boys less than 3 years of age, which was not included the 2004 CDC DeStefano, et al, paper published in the Journal of Pediatrics

In so many years this investigation has never happened, and now attorneys Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Rolf Hazlehurst (formerAssistant District Attorney General for the State of Tennessee) have found collusion at the vaccine court and will be pursuing this legally.

Based upon the above, if the USA media elects to report this vaccine court collusion this can become a “hot button” item that any savvy politician will want to, or be forced to, address.

As a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutrition Specialist I offer my expertise to you as a resource and could introduce you to physicians, PhDs, authors, researchers, journalists and attorneys specializing in vaccine injury, to initiate a Republican platform on vaccines.

I hope that all GOP candidates would be encouraged to commit to backing President Trump in creating the “Vaccine Science and Safety Commission”.

I look forward to hearing how I can help you.


Laraine C. Abbey RN emeritus, MS, CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)

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