On the Southern Mexican Border

It could be said that this is karma.   But not really.   Americans are probably the most ignorant people in the world, hands down.   Seriously.   Not just about how our taxes have enabled the  chaos from which these people are fleeing, but something much more basic, something the migrants already learned the hard way: how to physically survive such chaos.   You know, as in how not to die.  But we have no “el norte” to flee to.  This is where we must make a stand.  Not against them, but against IT, with which we are complicit.   We have a steep learning curve ahead.

If you want something to blame, look no further than your TV set.   Turn it off and start paying attention.

The gates are broken at about 15:00.

Thousands of US-bound migrants storm Guatemala-Mexico border

US-bound migrant caravan prepared to begin crossing from Guatemala to Mexico

Posted by RT on Friday, October 19, 2018


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