Luciferians Toggle Latin America Back to the Fascist Setting

The socialist psyop has worn out and run its course. While independence from the empire’s subversion was a laudable goal, staying in its central banking/imf/wb system and subscribing to the banksters’ trojan horse of socialism  while being hollowed out by the CIA doomed it to failure, as designed.   It seems the left still hasn’t figured out economics ( ).   It’s not supposed to.   And now that Dr. Jekyll has left for the day, Mr. Hyde has returned for the night shift in the Allan Memorial Institute, where the lunatics hold the keys and memories never were.

The Return of the Latin American Caudillos

Latin America’s “springtime of socialism” is at a close. After over a decade of progressive socialist presidents putting people ahead of cronyism, Latin America’s oligarchs, through the abuse of the courts, parliaments, and electoral systems, have put caudillos in office throughout the region. Unlike the past, when local generals, with a wink-and-a-nod from the local Central Intelligence Agency station chief, would call out the tanks and troops to oust democratically-elected presidents, today’s fascist leaders have discovered that social media, coupled with corrupt judges and legislators, can mount what are, essentially, soft “constitutional coups.”

Latin America’s springtime of socialism saw many nations adopt independent foreign policies, free of dictates from Washington. With the United States bogged down in military quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq, Latin America broke free of its political, financial, and military chains that tied it to Washington. Latin America’s newly-found freedoms irritated the neo-conservatives and military brass in the United States, particularly John Bolton, George W. Bush’s Senate-unconfirmed ambassador to the United Nations, and John Kelly, Commander of the US Southern Command in Miami. Both Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security adviser, and Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, are now in positions to aid and abet the rise of the caudillos in Latin America, getting revenge on progressive leaders and their political parties.

Latin America’s progressive socialist springtime was at its pinnacle when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, leading a bloc of Latin American and Caribbean nations that served as an alternative to the neo-colonial and American-dominated Organization of American States (OAS), was an inspiration to other progressive leaders in the region. These included Argentine President Nestor Kirchner and his widow, Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner, who was later elected president; Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega; Brazilian Presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (“Lula”) and Dilma Rousseff; Chilean President Michelle Bachelet; Ecuadorian President Rafael Correra; Bolivian President Evo Morales; Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo; Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Honduran President Manuel Zelaya; Uruguayan Presidents Jose (Pepe) Mujica and Tabaré Vazquez; Alvaro Colom; and left-of-center leaders in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, St. Vincent, Dominica, and St. Lucia. Right-wing critics of the Latin American spring pejoratively called the trend the “Red Tide.”

Chavez was the brainchild behind the creation of the non-American-controlled Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Latin America’s springtime of socialism began to unravel after the United States – mainly via the Central Intelligence Agency and Southern Command, engineered textbook military coups in Haiti and Honduras, an attempted military coup in Ecuador, and “constitutional coups” in Paraguay and ultimately, in Brazil. After Chavez was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, his Bolivarian bloc was besieged by Washington. Today, only Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Uruguay remain as vestiges of the progressive bloc and all are under siege, to varying extents from Washington and compliant “crony capitalist” regimes in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

The election as president of Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician of the inaptly-named Liberal Social Party (PSL), represents a return to the days of the military-backed caudillos of Washington’s “gunboat diplomacy” days and its imposition of “banana republics” in the Western Hemisphere.

Bolsonaro, a self-proclaimed admirer of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Brazil’s past military dictatorship, began establishing himself as a far-right version of past Latin American military dictators even before he was elected president. Bolsonaro made no secret of desiring to lead a right-wing bloc of Latin American nations subservient to the nationalist and racist doctrines of the Trump administration. Bolsonaro reached out to Paraguay’s right-wing president, Mario Abdo Benitez – whose father served as the private secretary to the pro-Nazi dictator Alfredo Stroessner – in promising to forge closer ties between Brasilia and Asuncion.

Colombia’s right-wing president Ivan Duque also held talks with Bolsonaro with an eye on joining a far-right bloc of Latin American nations to be hammered out at a future Conservative Summit of the Americas, which will likely draw Mr. Trump as a participant. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, busy with his plans for a summit of far-right European political parties under a Brussels secretariat called “The Movement,” has been advising Bolsonaro and his ambitious son, Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro….

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