Is GMO corn the #1 cause of the Cancer Apocalypse?

Genetic “engineering” is certainly not equivalent to ordinary breeding, unless you can get a mouse to sprout human ears by breeding.  Even if such manipulation was well controlled (it is not) tinkering with DNA is like tinkering with the foundation of a building or the bottom of a pack of snow on a mountain.

(Natural News) The chronic sick-care system of America banks on at least 200 million people of all ages consuming pesticides daily in order to maintain peak capacity at doctor’s offices and hospitals. Have you ever been to the doctor or an emergency room and been the only person there, first to be seen and right away? Ever known anyone to be diagnosed with a disease or disorder and a medical doctor or the oncologist tells them to stop eating genetically modified foods right away, and come back for a check-up in a month? It just doesn’t happen; however, it’s no conspiracy that consuming bug-killing and weed-killing chemicals causes disorder of the human cells, brain and cleansing organs.

Science proves that eating and drinking chemicals causes catastrophic cancer of all kinds, so let’s attack this pandemic-style cell manipulator at the root level, instead of dosing the problem on the back end with more chemicals (pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy) and miserably waiting for a prolonged, yet still early grave.

Monsanto scientists figured out a long time ago how to kill rootworm beetles and pesky corn field weeds using poison that’s embedded into the DNA of the corn plant’s seeds, then Monsanto has the farmers spray that “Roundup Ready” corn with more poison, with complete disregard for human and animal health, soil nutrition, and the sustainability of our environment.

More than 90 percent of all U.S. corn contains cancer-breeding GM toxins from the inside-out

So what poisons do you regularly consume that are made with a type of corn that contains genetically modified pesticides inside the plant and on the outside? How much cancer-causing corn do you eat and drink every day? What if you could fill some beakers with just the carcinogenic portion of your products – would it be a couple ounces or a couple pints? Let’s take a quick look at the most common GMO-corn-ridden products most Americans consume during and between every single meal.

Are you consistently eating or drinking these genetically mutated products? The following is just a portion of the GM-corn-laden foods and beverages out there: sodas, nearly all candy and gum, microwave popcorn, bread, breakfast cereals, canned and jarred fruits, baked goods, sauces, condiments, processed juice, salad dressings, sweetened yogurts, frozen pizzas, microwaveable meals, snacks, cereal bars, nutrition bars, coffee creamers, energy drinks, sports drinks, jams, jellies, and of course, ice cream….

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