Hype Bombs were Exactly That: Fake Bombs for Fake News

Apparently our authority simulacrums have doubled down on the hoax.    But the cat is already out of the bag.

(Natural News) FBI Director Christopher Wary may be just as dishonest as former FIB director James Comey. (Not a typo.)

Suddenly Wray is trying to convince the world that the hoax pipe bomb props which were mailed to Democrats are really, somehow, IEDs (Improved Explosive Devices). In truth, real mail bombs don’t contain timers for the simple reason that such devices are intended to be detonated by the physical act of the recipient opening the package, not based on a specific time (since nobody knows exactly when someone will receive a package sent through the U.S. Postal Service).

Not only did these hoax pipe bombs contain mock timers crudely taped to PVC pipe; the timers had no alarm function, meaning they couldn’t even “theoretically” be used to detonate anything.

They were hoax props, in other words, not functioning explosive devices.

But the FBI is claiming no, they are (somehow) real “IEDs.”

FBI Director lies about “energetic material” and tries to techno-jargon confuse the public

The really huge red flag in all this is how FBI Director Christopher Wary resorted to techno-jargon to try to make non-explosive materials sound like explosives. In a press conference where he stated the fake pipe bombs were “not hoaxes,” he described them as containing, “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction.”

Wow, sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Except that in reality, almost anything can qualify as something that “becomes combustible when subjected to heat or friction.” This includes, by the way, a box of Cheerios, a loaf of bread, a tub of grease, frozen corn, old newspapers, a pair of smelly socks, a bicycle tire and even pieces of glass. All these items burn if you cook them at high enough temperatures, which is essentially what Director Wray is saying.

But none of these things are explosives. If you received a fake pipe bomb filled with Cheerios, would the Cheerios suddenly transform it into a REAL pipe bomb? According to Wray, stuffing Cheerios into a PVC pipe turns the device into an IED….


New X-ray images reveal how ‘MAGAbomber’ made crude pipe bombs out of PVC tubing and an Amazon digital clock before stuffing them with sulfur and shards of glass…


A clock, in a mail bomb!  With no alarm function anyway.   And the “explosive” was sulfur.  This story was falling apart the day it happened.  That’s why I have to wonder whether it was intended to be exposed.   Apparently not, given the FBI’s behavior.   WTF is going on?   Did some bought-off investigator change his mind and decide to tell the truth after all?

But now they’ve doubled down on the story.  They’ve backed themselves into a corner, like the media itself.   Their edifice of crediblity is crumbling around them.   What will they try next?

Hype Bomb Psyop: What Went Wrong?

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