Flu Fear Epidemic Grips US Public Health Authority Figures

Poor guys, they must be in terrible health, what with all the stress and tension (and vaccinations) they endure.

It’s especially telling that the official guidance on vitamin D (probably the most important component of immune function and a potent antioxidant and preventative of respiratory infection and cancer) is a national scandal.   The RDA is only adequate to prevent rickets, and sunshine is supposed to be verboten for fear of skin cancer.    The D dosage for a caucasian spending 30 minutes in the sun far exceeds the RDA.   Dark skinned people need more sunshine unless they supplement, which is probably why the CDC’s own suppressed research found significant correlation between autism and vaccination in black boys.   https://www.ecowatch.com/cdc-vaccines-autism-2051536402.html  https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/ The “boy” risk factor itself lends credence to the homologous recombination hypothesis for autism due to the number of brain-related chromosomes in the X chromosome, of which boys have only one copy.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/09/satanic-elite-using-infant-foreskins-to-induce-autism/   But there are probably other gender-related issues, such as breast feeding reduction and blood-brain barrier permeability due to the stress induced by the scandal of wholesale american medical male genital mutilation.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/06/lack-of-breast-feeding-linked-to-autism/ http://mastcellmaster.com/documents/Brain-Inflammation/MastcellsBBB.pdf

Just an unfortunate oversight I’m sure.    So shut up and bend over.   Do you want mercury or aluminum?

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(Natural News) Do you know flu propaganda when you see it? As Dr. Robert Scott Bell, of The Robert Scott Bell Show, contends, the great “flu fear” propaganda campaign is in full swing already. Indeed, it seems the push to make people afraid and go get their flu shots starts earlier every year. U.S. health officials recently revealed that there were two “major health scares” at stateside airports. Channel News Asia reports that two inbound flights involving passengers who were returning from the Haj, which is the Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, were part of an alleged health scare.

According to reports, authorities sent an emergency response team with mobile diagnostic equipment to New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport. More than 100 passengers aboard an Emirates airlines flight from Dubai were reportedly experiencing flu-like symptoms. But hardly any of the “100 passengers” involved were found to actually be sick with flu — though that’s not how the media is portraying things….

As Dr. Robert Scott Bell notes, the three-ring media circus pumping out fear-mongering headlines, pro-flu shot propaganda is everywhere. Despite the predicted 20 percent efficacy rate, health officials are calling for everyone to get vaccinated, as usual. Bell contends that the media is just trying to “freak you out” over the flu. If they can’t just coax people into getting jabbed, a fear campaign is their next best bet, after all.

Health officials are actually suggesting that people need to get vaccinated with the flu shot before the end of October to ensure they are “protected.”

“In their artificial reality of the immune system, the only way you could survive anything is by having an antibody,” Dr. Bell states, noting that this is a very “immature understanding” of how the immune system works. Antibodies are just one of many parts to the immune system. As Bell notes, antibodies aren’t a guaranteed protection, as the immune system can still be deficient in other areas.

Bell argues that the media is purposely making people afraid of germs and viruses, without ever telling them that a compromised immune system plays a bigger role in the onset of illness than just exposure. Indeed, a strong, healthy immune system is the best defense against disease — not that Big Pharma and their medical industry lackeys would ever tell you that….


Just Getcher Damn Vaccine

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