DOD’s Use of Bioweapons for Social Control is Public Knowledge

Whatever it is that they’re targeting here is a product of zillions of years of natural evolution.   For some reason this FMRI pattern is associated with a religious person hearing a religious text, which might be correlated with extra-sensory and intuitive perceptions which are verboten, subversive and often difficult to access under the emerging regime of trauma-based mind control/social control/population control, MGM ecstasy deprivation and fluoride-induced sleep and dream deprivation.

It would not be surprising if the psychopathy on display here is correlated with high technical achievement, for the same reason that robots make good workers.   Empathic distractions and complexities (you know, the stuff that makes life worth living) may tend to be traumatized, neuro-deprived and sensory-deprived out of the lives of  successful soldiers and technocrats.

This is not a conspiracy theory or even a value judgement, but simply an observation.   The multi-generational self-reinforcing patterns of material achievement and empathic degradation are apparent.   It’s a matter of whether the individual and his/her mentors identify with human nature or with human institutions.

Needless to say, it implies that the partitioning of empathy between kakistocratic tyrannies and grassroots social networks is an organic outgrowth of natural social evolution.   The empaths vs the psychopaths.   Love vs money.   Humans vs human institutions.  God has a sense of humor etc.

Note that the human behaviors which are associated with “religious fundamentalism” here would often be a natural defensive reaction to the violence which the DOD itself often inflicts on the afflicted, a fact which would be hard to miss without some serious brainwashing.  Victims with less education would of course resort to more traditional forms of resistance, such as religious cohesion.    Victims without any social identity at all (such as infants undergoing circumcision) would resort to screaming.   Screams are easier to ignore than suicide bombers.  These ironies are of course lost on the (probably circumcised) researcher.  Satan has a sense of humor also.

The DOD is self-perpetuating in many ways and at many levels, as an institution embedded in a complex substrate would have to be.

It’s interesting that the pathologized neural pattern is in an area normally associated with higher cerebral functions.   It would be interesting to do brain scans on these researchers and compare them with that of amazon tribesmen, who know nothing of either religion: islam or statism.   Perhaps the abnormality is in the “normal” person, not the “fundamentalist”, especially given that islamic fundamentalism has been deliberately cultivated by the DOD’s authority figures, in keeping with the tactics of this false flag empire.  But such speculation is also verboten.   Oh well.

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.  — Marshall McLuhan

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