As U.S. Polls Tighten the Signs All Point to Hillary for Prison

It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that nothing is assured, these bankster agents have lots of tricks up their sleeves.   Many people think they nearly succeeded in getting us into a nuclear war 9 months ago.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Republicans are going to remain in control of both the House and the Senate in a couple of weeks.  Since their flawless victory over the Democrats in the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Republican base is more energized now than at any point since November 2016….

They say pictures are worth a thousand words… so, here’s one.

RCP House Polling Avg

The Redcoats are Coming, The Redcoats are Coming!

And if you don’t think the person that is most worried about this picture is Hillary Clinton, then you haven’t been paying attention.

But, to get to Hillary, I’ll have to connect a few dots….

Has Trump has finally made the point clear to his generals that staying in Syria and Afghanistan forever is not in the U.S.’s best interests? Firing Mattis or allowing him to resign gracefully after the mid-terms would be a big move in that direction, if Woodword’s reporting is to be believed.

Woodward paints Mattis as the biggest obstacle to that end, arguing for the standard neoconservative line of defending America by invading the world.

Trump wants us out of Syria and Afghanistan. His cabinet doesn’t. So, we’re seeing him beginning to change the cabinet. Again, this happens as fallout from the Kavanaugh win since that fight changed the game at the grassroots level making it easier for him to fire the paper-hangers and promote the fire-breathers.

Then we have Israel and Syria opening up the Quinetra crossing to and from the Golan Heights for the first time in seven years, even though the war or words between the two countries continues to be belligerent….

And that brings me, finally, to Trump’s revoking Hillary Clinton’s security clearance along with five others including her close aide Cheryl Mills. Hillary and her staff have been using their clearance, like former CIA Director John Brennan to attack Trump in the press.

But, it is, lastly, the news that Ecuador reinstated Wikileaks’ publisher Julian Assange’s Internet and communications is the thing that set off my Spidey-Sense and was the catalyst for this post.

Assange has been held under an effective gag order, like Paul Manafort, for months now to keep them both from telling their story to the world. For more than a year Trump has fought an uphill battle against a deluge of distractions, most of which are untrue and some simply intelligence agency provocations designed to push him into untenable positions.

But, the noose is tightening around the conspiracy to oust Trump from power as it is outed bit by bit. With each small revelation, the picture is in focus. All that was missing was a fundamental change in the political atmosphere.

Because, make no mistake, Assange knows where all the metaphoric and literal bodies are buried.

The pressure on Ecuador’s new President to keep Assange silent must have lifted otherwise he’d still be in effective solitary confinement. And why would that pressure lift all of a sudden?

Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS ‘took the Fifth’ in Congressional testimony. Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ignored the summons from Congress.

Everyone knows Julian Assange can put the finger on Hillary for what happened in 2016 (and so many other things).

So, putting the last piece to this puzzle together, it should be getting clearer here that some very important people are about to be indicted and/or arrested.

Containment around Hillary’s crimes has been breached and all that’s left now is for the people close to her to start turning on each other. The mid-terms were their last, best hope for a stay of execution.

But, Kanye West personally ended that hope just days after Kavanaugh was confirmed.

As the newly-empowered GOP bulldogs like Devin Nunes and John Ratcliffe take things to the next level in their investigations expect these trickles to become a torrent in the wake of the Red Tide coming on November 6th.

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