Globalist CNN Sows Seeds of Civil War

Talk about projection. I thought the biggest “terror threat” was the warmongering and increasingly desperate mass media.

Can you guess why they’re so concerned about any kind of violence at all?  It’s not like they haven’t fronted for mass murder for decades. They could have taken their pick of any racial (or more usefully, economic) demographic, so why white men all of a sudden?  After all the US military is an equal opportunity bomber, at least on the giving if not the receiving end.   It must have something to do with violence in the domestic vs foreign arena.

I guess it’s all for the herd and CNN’s definition of the herd is changing.   YOU love the herd TOO don’t you?   Or at least love the shepherd.   You know, the shadowy figure in the hooded black robe.

More specifically, if CNN is going to be overtly (as opposed to implicitly) racist, then any racist measure of relative crime rates among the races and genders would obviously have to be weighted by the relative populations of those races and genders.   Furthermore, since street crime is inversely related to wealth and income (the opposite of elite crime, in which CNN’s achors no doubt indulge), my guess is that this blanket statement is not only racist, but factually wrong.

But most specifically, CNN is a demonstrably bloodthirsty fanged carnivore which must always do its masters’ bidding.   The idea that don lemon or anyone else can go on screen and say anything other than what their earpieces dictate (while feigning the appropriate vocal modulation and facial expression) is ludicrous.   This is the voice of hidden agendas, not so hidden any more.

Institutionalized bigotry is obviously the rule in this world, and CNN is no exception.    But now the bigotry is directed to the domestic arena, as opposed to the external “terrorist” world.

Who benefits?

Mind Control on the Left

This is CNN, and CBS and NBC and ABC and MSNBC and NYT and the Brainwashington Compost and the entire US MSM