The time for glyphosate-based herbicides is over

Glyphosate tolerance is epidemic in weeds now, as was entirely inevitable and predictable many years ago, long before it became ubiquitous in humans, including human fetuses (

With the question of the endocrine-disrupting potential of Roundup at real-world doses still unsolved and glyphosate classified as a probable carcinogen, it’s time to restrict or ban glyphosate herbicides, writes Dr Ramon Seidler, PhD

In February last year a group of international scientists published a consensus statement drawing attention to the risks posed by rising levels of exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs), especially in the light of glyphosate’s classification by the World Health Organization’s cancer agency IARC as a probable carcinogen. The scientists noted endocrine (hormone) disrupting effects of glyphosate herbicides in test-tube experiments and called for more studies to clarify whether levels present in foods and the environment can cause such effects in living humans.

Endocrine disruptors (EDs) have harmful effects on experimental mammals that are widely used as human surrogates at concentrations as low as parts per billion (ppb) and below.

Later in the year, the New York Times reported that GM glyphosate-tolerant crops have significantly increased the use of glyphosate-based herbicides in the US. This news was closely followed by the publication of a report by Food Democracy Now and the Detox Project showing high levels of glyphosate residues in popular foods and drinks.

Regulatory inaction

Given the increasing risk to people posed by EDs, you’d expect regulators to be eager to take action. But sadly the opposite is true. The European Commission has been so tardy in regulating them that the European Court of Justice has declared that it has “unlawfully refrained from laying down rules”.

This issue of GBH exposures has gained urgency from a new study in rats, which showed that Roundup caused fatty liver disease at the minute concentration of 0.1 ppb given in drinking water over a long-term period. The glyphosate daily intake level from this dose was 4 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight per day, which is 75,000 times below EU and 437,500 times below US permitted levels. The concentration of glyphosate in the drinking water (50 parts per trillion) was 14,000 times less than the concentration allowed in US drinking water (700 ppb).

Tests have shown that most Americans have glyphosate in their urine at ppb levels, suggesting a daily intake of around 1000-fold above the level that caused fatty liver disease in the rats. However, further research needs to be done to establish the glyphosate levels present in various body tissues, especially within endocrine organs like the pancreas.

It’s not certain that the fatty liver disease reported in the Roundup-fed rats was caused by the mechanism of endocrine disruption. But given the extremely low dose of Roundup that caused the effect and the known association between EDCs in general and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, endocrine disruption is one plausible mechanism. These observations call for urgent further research to be conducted to confirm Roundup/glyphosate-induced organ toxicity at real world levels of ingestion, and to provide insight into the mechanisms of toxicity, including ED effects.

Glyphosate herbicides and endocrine disruption

In 2009, the International Endocrine Society issued its first warning about the dangers associated with chemicals that interact with, take the place of, or inhibit or stimulate the action of natural human hormones (EDs). Today, based upon highly credible research published in peer-reviewed journals by scientists around the world, there is little doubt that GBHs are endocrine disruptors at the relatively high doses tested thus far. Their endocrine activity at low, realistic doses is still uncertain and requires further research.

According to the International Endocrine Society, there is strong mechanistic and epidemiological evidence that endocrine disruption plays a role in a wide range of maladies, including obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease associated with diabetes, female and male reproduction abnormalities (abnormal sperm and reduced fertility), hormone-sensitive cancers in females, prostate cancer, thyroid diseases, and neurodevelopment diseases (IQ loss and hyperactive behaviour)…..

CKLN Mind Control Series: Valerie Wolf: Assessment and Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse

Information on treating survivors of the national security state’s brainwashing industry is going to be in high demand in the near future.  (and it IS an industry, complete with corporate outsourcing and a clandestine 800 number hotline for questions about handling such slaves, mentioned in Trance Formation of America , and that was over 20 years ago)   Here’s a start:

Wayne Morris:

Welcome to the International Connection. This is Week 16 in the radio series on Mind Control, and to summarize what we have heard so far, we have had heard several shows laying the foundation of the documented reality of U.S. and Canadian government-sponsored mind control. We have also heard the accounts of survivors such as Claudia Mullen, Chris Denicola Ebner and Ronald Howard Cohen. Claudia Mullen is alleging that CIA doctors such as Martin Orne, Sidney Gottlieb and L. Wilson Greene experimented on her in childhood using drugs, hypnosis, sleep and sensory deprivation, radiation and physical and sexual and emotional abuse. Claudia is also alleging that Canadian doctor, Ewen Cameron, from McGill University in Montreal was involved in mind control experiments on children as an electroshock consultant to the CIA, shocking the child victims after experiments by the CIA to make them forget. Claudia has also told of being used as a mind control sex slave for the US government, being set up in situations as a child with military brass, politicians and other officials while the CIA videotaped them for blackmail and coercion purposes. We have heard the historic testimony at the Presidential Hearing on Radiation Experiments in 1995. The final report of those hearings included recommendations to declassify all information related to mind control experimental programs.

Today we are going to hear a presentation by Valerie Wolf, given at the Believe the Children Conference in Chicago in April, 1997 entitled Assessment and Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse. Valerie Wolf is the therapist of Claudia Mullen and Chris Denicola Ebner, both of whom gave testimony at the Radiation hearings. In this presentation, Valerie talks about her approaches in helping to heal mind control survivors and the techniques used by the CIA to control their victims. This program, which continues next week, is of particular interest to the therapy community that are dealing with survivors of mind control, ritual abuse and trauma. And just to explain a term that Valerie uses at the beginning of this, she refers to EMDR and that means Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is one therapy technique. And now, Valerie Wolf.

Valerie Wolf:

I am going to talk today about the treatment of mind control. I am going to start with grounding us with good therapy practice in terms of the model of treatment which is now called stage oriented trauma treatment which is becoming a standard of practice for trauma therapists. The way I work with mind control, I think is different than some of the approaches I have been hearing about. When I first heard about this in June of 1992, and started working with it in September, 1992 I essentially worked in isolation, totally by myself. I had nobody to talk to except my clients until we testified in Washington in March of 1995 and then the world opened up. Up until that point, I had worked pretty much alone with mind control and a lot of SRA clients. I sort of developed it out of what I knew, which is the therapy model. I have spent the last couple of years trying to figure what it is I was doing because what I am finding is that my clients are getting better. I have several clients who are through the process, and all of my other clients are just absolutely phenomenally better. I have also been providing consultation for some therapists, brief consultation with some therapists in Louisiana and across the country, and when they apply the kinds of things that I am going to tell you today, they have the same kind of success with this extremely difficult population. We are going to start with assessment, and I am going to talk about assessment in terms of mind control and as an ongoing process. Always you are making assessments about what is going on with your client. And then second stage safety and stabilization – this is really 80% of the treatment. Then trauma metabolism (which is the memory work) and then trauma resolution. When I get finished with this, I will talk specifically about treatment of mind control and how I conceptualize it in a way that makes treatment effective….





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Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, and the CNN office (addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan who actually works for NBC). As of this writing nobody has been killed or injured in any way by any of these many explosive devices, and there is as of this writing no publicly available evidence that they were designed to. As of this writing there is no evidence that the devices were intended to do anything other than what they have done: stir up fear and grab headlines.

And of course it is a good thing that nobody has been hurt by these devices. Obviously targeting anyone with packages containing explosive materials is terrible, even if those devices were not rigged with the intention of detonating and harming anyone, and it is a good thing that not a single one of them has done so. It is a good thing that none of America’s political elites were targeted by the sort of explosive device that America drops on people in other countries every single day. You know, the kind that actually explode.

It is good that Barack Obama was never sent anything resembling the 26,171 bombs that his administration dropped in the final year of his presidency, for example. It is good that neither the first US president to serve every minute of his administration under wartime, nor those who served as part of that administration like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, were targeted with the kinds of weapons which were deployed against impoverished people in other nations every single day for all eight years. People would have been killed and badly injured if anyone had been sent anything like those kinds of explosive devices, their bodies ripped to shreds like the countless civilians killed in the airstrikes which resulted from the Obama administration’s expansion of Bush’s so-called “war on terror”.

President Trump, whose administration has been dropping even more bombs than its predecessor after expanding the use of drone strikes and peeling back regulations on air strikes designed to protect civilians, was quick to condemn the headline-grabbing pipe bomb campaign which did not hurt anyone whatsoever….