Brain Damaged MSM Ridicules Nationalism

This goes beyond ignorance of history, this is some kind of militantly delusional hopium that planetary government will be less corrupt and more responsive to people’s needs than the multi-decade catastrophe which the MSM itself helped create in washington.   Apparently they’ve given up on thinking people who have already abandoned them, they’re concentrating all their efforts on trying to completely mind control their remaining audience.   The power of the puppetmasters is slipping through their fingers.   But maybe not fast enough.

The problem is that WWI and WWII were both arranged by the same financial interests and secret societies that created the UN and trashed the idea of nationalism by identifying it with their own installed dictators and orchestrated wars.   A classic bait and switch scam.   Who do you think donated the land that the UN building sits on in NYC?   Rockefeller.   Need I say more?  History is written by the victors.   But sometimes the victors aren’t who they claim to be.   See Operation Paperclip.   Which side was adopting the other?

A nation is merely about regional self-determination, including monetary self-determination.    This is why nationalism is being targeted by the elite: national independence, especially economic independence, interferes with their centralized financial harvesting and global corporate management model.

The USA itself is not a nation because we don’t have democratic or even governmental control of the central bank.   This totalitarian reality is reflected in the orwellian media itself.

Not to be old-fashioned, but the founders of this country had the hard-learned good sense to realize that government size and government accountability are inversely related.  That’s why global government is a trojan horse.

Besides, how do you think globalists intend to absorb the US government and people into their planetary corporate conglomerate?   Persuasion would be out of the question.   The only strategy that would work would be the shock doctrine on a massive scale.   A complete economic, political and social catastrophe to bring us to our knees begging for help.    And some globalists actually get a paycheck courtesy of the US taxpayer.    Talk about betrayal.