2018 AMI Monetary Reform Conference Oct 25 @ Chicago

The American Monetary Institute proudly announces its
14th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference

October 25 – 28, 2018

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

We proudly announce our 14th annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference, and bring together some of the world’s most serious advocates of real and achievable monetary reforms.

The banking disaster, created and facilitated by false economic and monetary ideas, used by some very bad people, actually poses a real danger to the survival of the species. We must transform the ongoing disaster into an opportunity to achieve real and lasting monetary reforms for mankind. These are the reforms indicated as necessary by decades of study and centuries of experience.

Regular working people understand that a moral approach is needed to lead to a future worthy of humanity.  Around the world they are way ahead of their leadership, which ignores moral considerations, seeming to rely on media dominance to hold onto undeserved privileges for a tiny minority of the population. But clearly, in order for the financial crisis to have occurred, thousands of financiers had to break our nation’s very serious laws; and yet not a single one of them has been charged for those crimes!

The main cause of the problem is using debt in place of money when the banks make loans, as our present system does. That single error, allowing banks to control our money system, promoted by those really trying to block monetary reform, and by some economics professors trying to keep their salary checks coming, is all it takes to wreck any monetary system, and begin the insane concentration of wealth, into exactly the wrong hands, as we now see in our society! The conference shows why money must be created by our government and spent into circulation on infrastructure, healthcare, and education. The conference highlights recent important moves in that direction by key people, and institutions, around the world.

We have a once in several generations opportunity to fix an obviously flawed money system that is causing so much pain and hardship among a growing section of our people. It is clearly time to fix our monetary and banking system! Come and find out how, and the role you can play in that process. In addition to top notch “real monetary reform” speakers, we’ll focus on some important themes:

The Student Debt Crisis. This tragedy has the potential to wreck the lives of an entire generation of young people that would wreck our nation. We are not going to let that happen – we are going to look at adjusting Kucinich’s N.E.E.D. Act ever so slightly so that it will forgive all student debt. The Act as written already pays for education – a small one or two sentence adjustment will also make that retroactive. Sounds unbelievable? This conference will look at that question in complete detail. Remember how Students demonstrated against the Viet Nam War? They didn’t want to be drafted and killed. The student debt question can have a similar effect. We can imagine an army of young people (and their parents!) who will promote monetary reform, and force Congress to end their student debt.

We are making a special effort to bring students and teachers into the conference by offering student scholarships for $79 and teachers $175 to attend the whole conference. Several are already doing this, and we are looking forward to helping get them started on monetary reform. They are able to stay at the affordable accommodation. Please help finance this by donating to the American Monetary Institute. Believe us, if students (and their parents) are in serious debt and not seriously employed, their outlook is bleak. This debt write-off can occur without raising taxes or borrowing!

And Teachers Are in Trouble Too Not only in Chicago, but around the country our teachers are under attack, because they are still making a living wage (barely!), and that’s no longer allowed, and their earned pensions are also threatened. Remember: the Chicago Teacher’s Union supports Kucinich’s N.E.E.D. Act. We are making a special effort to bring in teachers to this conference. If telling people about monetary reform is an educational task, who better to help us do that than the professional educators? Please help spread the word among teachers.

And What About You? We’d like you to consider attending this conference. There is very little time left to make all the arrangements. SO Think, and Act NOW! If you can’t come, consider making a donation to help us offer those student and teacher scholarships!
Click a donate button at our homepage www.monetary.org.

And one more thing!  The austerity gang are really trying to do damage to our people and others around the world. They are operating under cover of pretending they don’t understand how destructive and evil their actions are – pretending to be trying to do good for the country. Folks – Don’t buy that “cover story” for a minute. They know exactly the damage they are doing! The less money we all have, the more power their billions will have! That is obvious! If finances are making it hard for you to attend our Conference, let us know (by phone or email) and we’ll work it out together. Do not be afraid – and remember: “Action dispels fear.”…


WHO is a Salesman for Big Pharma, Depopulation

Same WHO that pushes vaccines with covert infertility chemicals to depopulate Africa says drug legalization is a bad thing

(Natural News) The World Health Organization (WHO) put its hypocrisy on full display recently, when Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus sanctimoniously insisted that first world countries should think twice before following the example of Canada in legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, because addictive substances are “not good for human health.”

This, despite the fact that the WHO has a murky history of involvement with Big Pharma in distributing dangerous vaccines and experimental drugs in Africa, placing the health of citizens there at serious risk.

Perhaps the “human health” of African people is less important to the WHO than that of people in affluent first world countries?

‘Just say no’

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported recently that Canada’s decision to follow in the footsteps of Uruguay and legalize the recreational use of pot has resulted in fierce debate – a debate which Dr. Tedros was quick to weigh in on during a recent trip to the Philippines.

“Of course we believe that people who need it, especially for pain management, should have it. There should be access,” he said, but was quick to add that such access requires careful regulation and that full legalization comes with serious risks.

“I think any addictive substance is not good for human health,” he added. “We wouldn’t encourage countries to follow those who are actually… legalizing it.”…


More people are turning to herbal treatments as dissatisfaction with conventional medicine increases

(Natural News) Why do you use herbal medicine? A study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine sought to answer this very question and came up with some insightful answers.

The field of medicine has made leaps and bounds over the centuries, but more and more people around the world are rediscovering the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine – and liking the results. To determine why this was so, researchers from Germany created a qualitative study with participants from three age groups.

They organized six focus groups made up of young (18 to 35 years old), middle-aged (36 to 59 years old), and elderly (60 years and above) participants. There were 46 individuals in total. The focus groups discussed a variety of topics revolving around complementary and alternative medicine, especially regarding the participants’ personal experience with herbal medicine (HM), why they use herbal medicine, and where they get their information about herbal medicine. All of the responses and discussions were recorded and examined using qualitative content analysis.

The researchers took note of several key points. First, the participants use HM as a treatment for both acute and chronic diseases but not so much as a means to prevent disease. Using herbal medicine as a means to stay healthy was even less popular. As one participant put it:

“I try to eat healthily, but I do not take herbal medicine as a preventative care, for not becoming ill later.”

When asked what they use herbal medicine for, most of the participants mentioned diseases like muscle pain, cold, and the flu. They also turn to herbs to relax and to be able to sleep easier. HM is the first choice – the starting treatment before they opt for conventional medicine. As a testament to their trust for herbal medication, some of the participants even mentioned giving herbal medicine to their kids.

Interestingly, the respondents agreed that herbs are not a cure-all. When it comes to serious diseases, during and after surgery, severe pain, and ensuring fast recovery, they consider herbal medicine to not be “so efficient.”

If this is the case, why do they keep on using herbs then? The participants cited the presence of too many side effects with conventional medicine, the lack of any actual effect from conventional treatment, and dissatisfaction with the doctor.

One participant narrated how they were prescribed cortisone by their dermatologist, only to discover that the drug made their skin thinner and their symptoms worse. After getting a book on folk herbal treatments, the participant decided to use an ointment made with the sarsaparilla plant and never looked back. The respondent declared that they hadn’t needed a dermatologist since.

Several participants cited a positive experience with herbal medicine. Some actually recalled instances when sticking to an herbal treatment regimen protected them from common and seasonal conditions like colds and the flu….


CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy


FOIA Documents Reveal Early Military Weather Modification Program

For More Information See:


Did the Pentagon’s Manipulation of Hurricane Florence Fail or Succeed?

Cloud Seeding Was Used Before Hurricane Harvey, Did It Amplify Its Impact?

Putin Lays Down the Law at Valdai

Every year Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the Valdai Economic Forum.  And each year his talk is important.  Putin isn’t one to mince words on important issues.

With tensions between Russia and the West reaching Cold War levels, Valdai represented the first time we’ve heard Putin speak in a long-form discussion since Helsinki and the events thereafter — IL-20, Khashoggi, etc.

So, this talk is worth everyone’s time.  And when I say everyone’s I mean every single person who could be affected by the breakdown of the U.S. political system and how that spills over onto Russia’s shores.

In other words, pretty much everyone on the planet.

Because what Putin did at Valdai was to lay down the new rules of conduct in geopolitical affairs.  He put the U.S. and European oligarchs I call The Davos Crowd on notice.

There is a limit to your provocations and attempts to undermine Russia.  So don’t cross that line.

Peace Through Strength

The big quote from his talk is the one everyone is focusing on, and rightly so, Russia’s policy about using nuclear weapons.

It’s not that Putin’s stance was any different than in the past. Russia will strike back at an aggressor under any circumstance where the future of Russia is at stake.  It was his assurance that in doing so 1) it would be just and righteous “dying like martyrs” and 2) so swift and brutal the aggressors would “die like dogs” bereft of the chance to ask for salvation.

Those are strong words.  They are the words of a meek man.  And the word meek, as Jordan Peterson reminds us, describes someone who has weapons, knows how to use them and keeps them sheathed until they have no other option.

The reaction from the audience (see video) was nervous laughter, but I don’t think Putin was having one over on anyone.

He was serious.  This is the very definition of meek.

It is really no different than the attitude of Secretary of State James Mattis who said, “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f$*k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

Men like this are not to be tested too hard.  And Putin’s response to the shooting down of the IL-20 plane and its crew was to cross a bunch of diplomatic lines by handing out S-300s to Syria and erecting a de facto no-fly zone over Western Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Notice how there have been no attacks or even harsh language coming out of Israel or the U.S. in the past few weeks.  The failure of the British/French/Israeli operation to sucker Trump into an invasion of Syria is now complete.

And I’m convinced that Nikki Haley paid the price.

All of this highlights the major theme that came out of Putin’s comments.

Strength through resolve.  Resolve comes as a consequence of defending culture.

Putin wasn’t boasting or grandstanding about Russia’s hypersonic weapons capability.  He told everyone they are deployed.  He did this to shut up the U.S. neoconservative chattering class who he rightly says whisper in President Trump’s ear that they can win a nuclear conflict with Russia.

They are insane.  And you have to treat them that way….

Putin knows where Trump is. He was there himself seventeen years ago, except an order of magnitude worse. The problems Trump is facing are the same problems Putin faced, corruption, venality, treason all contributing to a collapse in societal and cultural institutions.

Putin knows the U.S. is at a crossroads, and he’s made his peace with whatever comes next. The question is have we?


Russia Responds to West’s Provocations: Dramatically Boosts Spending on Nuclear Weapons

America’s ruling class is using russia as a foil to distract attention from their own monumental corruption and incompetence as their paper empire collapses around them. Whether their puppet media manages to lead the domestic sheep into yet another pointless war, this time against a worthy foe, remains to be seen.   They’re certainly trying hard.

Either that, or it was putin, and not hillary, who put trump in the presidency.  Take your pick.  Consider this an IQ test.

When Russia’s conventional armed forces remained weak and outdated in the years following the Cold War, it attached a high priority to its nuclear weapons as the cornerstone of its defence. As Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, the country has now embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize its entire military under the 2011-20 state armament program.

Alongside conventional systems, Russia is upgrading its intercontinental ballistic missiles and strategic bombers. A recent Sipri report has revealed how much Russia is paying for its nuclear weapons.

Infographic: Russia Has Increased Spending On Its Nuclear Weapons | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

In 2010, the country spend just under $7 billion on nuclear weapons (13.4 percent of total military spending) and by 2016, that had increased to just under $11 billion (13 percent of total spending).

This won’t end well…

Corbett: How Bad Global Warming Science Hurts the Environmental Movement

FROM DECEMBER 2015: Jim Steele was the Director of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus of San Francisco State University from 1985 to 2009. Having taught courses on plants, natural sciences, bird banding and bird identification, his research into the causes of the declines in local bird populations led him to the understanding that natural climate cycles and landscape changes were causing disruptions of wildlife populations. He went on to author a book, Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism, and a website, LandscapesAndCycles.net where he explores how faulty, over-hyped C02-driven climate change fears are misdirecting environmental researchers and activists away from the true cause of environmental disruption.

Show notes at https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1117-jim-steele-on-how-bad-global-warming-science-hurts-the-environmental-movement/