Supreme Court ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in 2016 – What has changed since? Nothing.


The Supreme Court recently ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and for good reason. So then why does the entire vaccine industry have its own secretive court where Americans have no right to a trial by jury or an objective Judge? Could vaccine industry lobbyists have paid off Congressmen and women to accomplish this nightmarish, very un-American form of health tyranny? Maybe we’ll never know, but one thing is for sure, Congress protects “Big Pharma” from liability while endangering the lives of babies with an invasive form of medicine that the Supreme Court itself has declared unsafe.

First of all, vaccines are not run through vigorous safety trials. They are not tested by independent, third-party labs for safety nor efficacy. Some vaccines are only tested by their manufacturers for 5 days. If an infant dies, gets paralyzed, or enters a coma from that vaccine on day six, it doesn’t count. Plus, no laboratory has ever conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled study on multiple-dose vaccines given multiple times – why not? Ever heard of the cumulative effect of toxins in the body?

Healthcare professionals have begged the vaccine industry to spread out vaccines more and delay others, but the CDC disagrees. No vaccine is “safe” at any dose as long as it contains known neurotoxins. Even President Trump has suggested avoiding massive doses and that babies and kids are getting too many vaccines too close together. Check out Trump’s vaccine tweet:

“Lots of autism and vaccine response. Stop these massive doses immediately. Go back to single, spread out shots! What do we have to lose.” …

Washington’s “Surprise” at China Espionage: Incompetence or Subversion?

It’s hard to believe that anyone could be surprised at the industrial and political espionage campaign china has been pursuing in the USA.   It’s only a continuation of the western ubergarchs’ policies which outsourced the US industrial base to China years ago.  It’s easy to see why our invisible masters did it: the western middle class is too uppity and too educated to be subservient slaves in the satanic planetary factory, despite the systematic campaign to destroy our families and the intelligence of our children via water fluoridation, vaccination and imprinted obstetrical and genital mutilation trauma and brain damage.   The current state of cluelessness and historical amnesia among americans about china’s coronation by the western elites is indicative of the inroads such strategies have made in american culture.   Such  destructive public health policies were certainly not imposed by china, but by these same western elites who also control american medicine , and who btw control the pensions, the economy and the dollar itself as well.   It’s hard to miss the intent here.

The satanists’ strategy of fabian fascism as a tool of social control is especially clear in china, whose blatantly fascist regime continues to call itself communist, starkly revealing the latter to be a PR mask of the former, as it was designed to be by the same western kakistocracy over a century ago.

The satanic onion continues to sprout a diversity of lies to each of its compartmentalized audiences, preparing us all for war.

It’s pretty clear where the biggest “national security” threat lies.

Pentagon sees China as ‘growing risk’ to US defense industry

  • The nearly 150-page report, spearheaded by the Pentagon, concluded there are nearly 300 vulnerabilities that could affect critical materials and components essential to the U.S. military, according to Reuters.
  • China was given heavy emphasis in the report, and was singled out for dominating the global supply of rare earth minerals critical in U.S. military applications, reported the news agency.

China represents a “significant and growing risk” to the supply of materials vital to the U.S. military, according to a new Pentagon-led report that seeks to mend weaknesses in core U.S. industries vital to national security.

The nearly 150-page report, seen by Reuters on Thursday ahead of its formal release on Friday, concluded there are nearly 300 vulnerabilities that could affect critical materials and components essential to the U.S. military….

It should be noted that it was Trump who commissioned this report over a year ago, countermanding  the obama, bush, bill clinton and hillary state dept policies which facilitated the problem.    There is massive foreign espionage and influence going on in washington.   Hillary’s cc-to-china home email server is just the most brazen.

For all his faults, Trump is not on board with the murder of the united states.   That’s why the establishment hates him.   They apparently think the NWO is about peace and tranquility.   Well, in a way it is, but not in a good way.

On July 21, 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed Executive Order (EO) 13806 on Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States . The EO directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a whole – of – government effort to assess risk, identify impacts, and propose recommendations in support of a healthy manufacturing and defense industrial base – a critical aspect of economic and national security ….

Who is Behind “Fake News”?

A media company’s credibility is inversely proportional to the size and financial diversity of the corporation that owns that company.   More economic tendrils into the system means more investment in the status quo.

In other words, you could say that credibility is inversely proportional to “credibility”.   What a world.

While the independent and alternative media (including Global Research) are accused without evidence of publishing “fake news”, the routine publication of  “fake news” by the corporate media is invariably overlooked.

While those who criticize the mainstream media are tagged as “conspiracy theorists”, the evidence amply confirms that the corporate media is involved in the publication of “fake images” and “fake video footage.”

And now the European Union is contemplating the adoption of laws which criminalize “fake news”:

“Is criminalizing fake news the way forward? German lawmakers have called for legal action against the production and distribution of fake news. But digital rights groups warned of the harrowing effects it could have online, including censorship.” (Deutsche Welle, December 14, 2016)

This proposed legal action is largely intended to “go after” the independent online media and social media which is challenging mainstream media reports.

In this article we will focus on the news coverage pertaining to a selection of important events including the March 2016 Brussels terror attacks in which fake videos and/or fake images were used by the corporate media with a view to deliberately misleading public opinion. ….

US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia

Of course when he says “united states government” substitute the old european and american aristocratic families who control the western central banking cartel.  He who controls the money controls the country.

It’s embarrassing that the fate of the world is in the hands of stupidly one-trick-pony scam artists who have leveraged that trick to harness human genius in pursuit of their grandiose delusions.

The United States Government is now treating Ukraine as if it were a NATO member, and on September 27th donated to Ukraine two warships for use against Russia. This is the latest indication that the US is switching to Ukraine as the locale to start World War III, and from which the nuclear war is to be sparked against Russia, which borders Ukraine.

Here is why Syria is no longer the US alliance’s preferred choice as a place to start WW III:

On September 4th, US President Donald Trump publicly threatened Syria, Iran and Russia that if they exterminated the jihadists in Syria’s only remaining jihadist-controlled province, Idlib, then the US might launch a full-scale invasion against Syria, Iran and Russia in Syria. Either the US or Russia would then quickly escalate to nuclear war so as not to lose in Syria — that would be the conventional-war start to World War III.

The leaders of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria (Putin, Rouhani, Erdogan, and Assad), agreed in two meetings, one on September 7th and the other on September 17th, to (as I had recommended on September 10th) transfer control of Syria’s only remaining jihadist-controlled province, Idlib, to NATO-member Turkey. This action effectively prevents the US alliance from going to war against Russia if Russia’s alliance (which includes Syria) obliterates all the jihadist groups in the Al-Qaeda-led Syrian province Idlib. For the US to war against Russia there would also be war against fellow-NATO-member Turkey — out of the question.

The US has been using Al Qaeda in Syria to train and lead the jihadist groups which have been trying to overthrow Syria’s Government and to replace it with a government that has been selected by the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia. Ever since 1949 the US Government has been trying to do this (to place the Saud family in charge of Syria). That plan is now being placed on-hold if not blocked altogether, because of the Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, agreement. As I reported on September 25th, “Turkey Now Controls Syria’s Jihadists”. The US would no longer be able to save them, but Turkey would, if Erdogan wants to. “Turkey is thus now balanced on a knife’s edge, between the US and its allies (representing the Saud family) on the one side, versus Russia and its allies (representing the anti-Saud alliance) on the other.”

During the same period in which the US Government was setting Syria up as the place to start WW III, it was also setting up Ukraine as an alternative possibility to do that. US President Obama, in a very bloody February 2014 coup which he had started planning by no later than 2011, overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President, and replaced him by a rabidly anti-Russian racist-fascist regime whose Ukrainian tradition went back to ideologically nazi Ukrainian organizations that had supported Hitler during World War II. Though communism is gone from Russia ever since 1991, the US aristocracy never ended its goal of conquering Russia; the Cold War was secretly continued on the US-NATO side. Ukraine’s nazis (meaning its racist-fascists) are now the US and UK aristocracies’ chief hope to achieve this ambition of a US-and-allied global conquest. Here are the recent steps toward WW III regarding the US alliance’s new (since 2014) prize, Ukraine: ….

The Manufacture of Mythology: Crimea and the Neocon-Sponsored Coup in Ukraine