Your Government Has a Secret Kill List. Is that OK With You?

“We kill people based on metadata.” An algorithm collates a series of mystery factors and decides whether that person should be killed.

Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American citizen, thinks the government is trying to kill him. And he might be right.

Kareem’s story, recently chronicled in Rolling Stone, neatly captures the havoc that the war on terror has wreaked on the legal system and the dangers of abandoning legal traditions that have served us well for centuries.

Kareem resides overseas and is struggling to determine why he is apparently on the government’s secret “kill list,” which targets terror suspects for drone strikes. Kareem finds that objects in his vicinity tend to explode with some frequency, and he has taken the issue to court, arguing that the American government cannot blow him up without due process.

Unfortunately, the federal judiciary so far has largely removed itself from this process by declaring the criteria for the kill list to be a political question outside the purview of judges. Kareem’s case continues to make its way through the courts, but lawmakers shouldn’t punt their responsibilities to the judiciary….

This is why it is not acceptable to be agnostic about what happened on 9/11 or assume that the official story is beyond question.    People who take this position are lazy, ignorant, cowardly and  complicit in mass murder.   And here I’m including such luminaries as noam chomsky and howard zinn (RIP) who have both staked their claims as “good germans” in the rising 4th reich.   Their herdlike followers in the self-described “peace movement” are just as worthless.

It is simply impossible and irrational to believe the official story of 9/11, and therefore the entire legal framework of the country is being overturned on questionable grounds, a fact which demands serious independent research by everyone who cares about this country,  since we cannot trust the institutions which have lied us this far down the road to ruin.

I know enough physics to know for a fact that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition, and anyone can learn enough physics to come to the same conclusion, particularly wrt the admitted free-fall acceleration of the collapse of WTC7.   Perusing the reference section of this site should satisfy any intelligent person that there are traitors in high places in washington and the media who continue to walk the streets with impunity, shielded by the corrupt and treasonous “free press”.   They have at their disposal the means to turn this country into a living hellhole, as the US has done many times in other countries.

The stakes are high.  Which side are YOU on?   Are you speaking out?

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