With Battle For Idlib Imminent, Russia Releases Video Of Massive “One Of A Kind” Military Drills In Syria

With the US military announcing that it is preparing for “options” in Syria ahead of what appears to be an imminent battle for Syria’s last rebel stronghold of Idlib – which may or may not include another false flag chemical attack  to justify the US presence – and which could involve such proxy foreign powers as Russia, the US, Turkey and Iran, today Russia announced that it has staged large-scale military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea near Syria, involving both its Navy and Air Force.

Footage released by Russia’s Defense Ministry showed marine special forces equipped with the latest Russian gear landing on the shores of the Syrian Latakia province. As part of the staged invasion, the marines used helicopters, fast attack craft and armored vehicles while landing from major amphibious ships under cover of dozens of Russian combat aircraft.

The purposefully dramatic display was part of a week-long exercise, which is said to be the “first of its kind” in this part of the Mediterranean. Apart from the naval infantry training, in which the marines also practiced protecting Russian Navy ships from sabotage activities, the war games also involved maritime live fire drills.

Held between September 1 and September 8, the drills also involved establishing a foothold on the territory controlled by a “simulated” enemy. In total, 26 vessels from all Russian fleets, including two submarines, as well as 34 aircraft took part in the war games.

In the full-blown combat simulation, more than two dozen battleships, including the ‘Marshal Ustinov’ cruiser and three of Russia’s newest frigates, launched anti-ship missiles and fired high-caliber guns. The drills also saw Russian strategic Tu-160 Blackjack bombers and long-range Tu-142 Bear submarine hunters train simulated missile launches….


Just a reminder of why we’re there:

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