Wikileaks Cybersecurity Expert Missing


Police in Norway are looking into the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis, a Dutch citizen with links to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Versions on Twitter have ranged from a hiking incident, to a secret assignment, to a CIA hit.

Kamphuis, a cyber security expert and co-author of a handbook for investigative journalists on how to keep themselves and their work safe from government spying, has been missing since August 20th, when he checked out of a hotel in the town of Bodø in northern Norway….

The WikiLeaks Twitter account posted an update on Kamphuis’ strange disappearance on Saturday.

Norwegian police on Sunday confirmed that they have opened a probe into the 47-year-old Dutchman’s disappearance, saying that at the moment they are in the dark about events that could have preceded it.

… In 2014, Kamphuis co-authored ‘Information Security for Journalists.’ The handbook, which Kamphuis said would be forever free to download, provides aspiring investigative journalists and media professionals with a thorough guide on how to avoid being snooped on by the state.

“To ensure your privacy and the safety of your sources, Information Security for Journalists will help you to make your communications indecipherable, untraceable and anonymous,” the book’s description states.

I have an idea: let’s just assume that there is no global network of ultra-rich and powerful multi-generational satanists who puppet the police, the coroners, the courts, the media and of course the banks pretty much world wide with a few rare (and short lived) exceptions.  Then we can go on believing that the CIA is “innocent until proven guilty”, or that they must still have a valid reason for withholding classified documents on JFK’s assassination 50 years after the event.

Or we can be reasonable and sane about all this: they are in effect “pleading the 5th” wrt to JFK, and one cannot ever expect court-certified proof of CIA malfeasance no matter how obvious the evidence is.


So instead of the usual judicial test of innocence or guilt, we are forced to rely on the weight of evidence, like a grand jury is supposed to do.   But that would require facing uncomfortable facts.

Oh well.   What was I thinking?   Never mind.  Everything is ok.  Go back to sleep.

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