Video: Autism: Made in the USA

This video concentrates on mercury but aluminum was being introduced at the same time that Hg was being removed from most vaccines (can you guess why the removal of a supposed antibacterial was accompanied by the introduction of an adjuvant?   What do Hg and Al have in common?  They are both neurotoxic)   There are other ways to bring about chronic neuroimmune disease as well.  Beside environmental toxins there’s the contamination of vaccines by human dna from fetal vaccine culture media, which can cause homologous recombination and chimerism.   And then there’s the HELA and cancer-culture factor.   Not to mention the metallic nanoparticle contamination and the random RNA viral contamination.

Of course the deliberate imposition of IQ degradation for the purpose of social control is a paranoid fantasy.   Obviously the world is run by the likes of mother theresa.   That’s why the USA “liberated” Iraq.

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