Trump Cancels FDA’s Aborted Baby Parts Contract

You don’t have to be a misogynist or a bible-beating fundamentalist to recognize that, especially in the context of the deliberate destruction of the family, the infotainment commodification and  trashing of the sacredness of sex, the institutionalized child abuse of what passes for child care and education in this country and the elite eugenics origins of planned parenthood, the mechanics of what is going on here is luciferian.

The MGM pathology well illustrates how arbitrary and ethereal our human rights laws really are.   Any one of us could have been destined to be fuel for this industry before we were old enough to have the “right” or the physical ability to defend ourselves.

Adults should get used to the fact that there are few absolutes in moral reasoning.

On July 25, the Food and Drug Administration signed a contract to acquire “fresh” tissue from aborted babies so it could transplant that tissue into mice.

On Monday, the Trump administration canceled that contract.

This is an unambiguous victory for the sanctity of human life.

The underlying question now is: Will the federal government follow up on the cancelation of this one contract and completely and finally terminate its practice of spending approximately $100 million per year on research that creates a market for tissue taken from aborted babies?…

Lot of Money In Burning Babies! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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