The Nightmare of a Surveillance State


It’s naive to think that some of the same forces behind the east german govt aren’t operating within the current govt, so it’s a bit starry eyed to think this project isn’t being monitored closely and censored by germany’s “deep state”.

The US founders had it right.   Small, purposely handicapped govt is the only controllable govt.    Unfortunately that train left the station long ago.   This is why proof of govt malfeasance is an unrealistic standard to justify wholesale expulsion of govt officials.   Reasonable suspicion and loss of trust should be enough.   For instance, the fact that the CIA still refuses to release all the JFK assassination records is reasonable grounds for abolishing the agency altogether.    Why not have a popular vote on the issue?

The stasi would have envied surveillance tools like facebook and the NSA, but they would be positively drooling over the abject naivete of the people of the “democratic” west.

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‘Beast of SAVAK’ Prowls Streets of Orlando Florida

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