The Elitist Mindset

I don’t know WTF is going on with this woman but I assume that she’s parroting some kind of prevalent attitude in her social milieu, which she herself labels “Judaism”.    I seriously doubt that she represents a large fraction of any ethnic group, but her attitude definitely represents how the genocidal social engineers who seem to be in control of the western world market their machinations to the outer layers of the satanic enterprise.  If you think the mask of “multiculturalism” as marketed to the EU has something to do with humanitarian motivations, see the second link below.

Whatever the origins of her psychopathology (probably has something to do with the Jewish tradition of empathically lobotomizing, torturing and wrecking the love lives of their infant boys and their future wives), the institutions which are implementing such delusionary thinking are being well funded.  As always, follow the money.

Cultural Engineering in Sweden

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