Success: 1 in 5 college students so stressed they consider suicide

College can be so stressful that many students think about killing themselves, and some even try, a new study suggests.

Among more than 67,000 students surveyed, over 20 percent said they experienced stressful events in the last year that were strongly associated with mental health problems, including harming themselves and suicidal thoughts or attempts, researchers found….

This is part of their education.    If they lack supportive families, they are naked to satanic indoctrination.   Those who don’t make the grade will self-select themselves out of the gene pool.   Those who physically survive will tend to have mastered the art of self-alienation and compartmentalization (a mild form of trauma-based mind control), the precursor to sociopathy, psychological enslavement and achievement in the overlord’s engineered utopia.

Those who DO have the necessary emotion resilience to question authority will be dealt with later, by their sociopathic classmates.

Common Core’s Recipe for Imposed Ignorance

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