“Salt” is not bleached sodium chloride

Even the language has been corrupted to facilitate mass chronic illness and early death.   How did such an essential and irreplaceable staple of human nutrition become lost in translation?   I can’t think of a more stark illustration of elite machinations over historical time periods than the corruption of the word “salt”.

Salt means sea salt.   That’s what traders traveled thousands of miles to obtain and trade throughout eurasia for thousands of years.   Its mineral content is essentially the same as your intercellular fluid.   Sea salt and sea salt deposits have been used as money, convertible to gold in numerous places around the world, and for good reason: the trace minerals it contains are essential to life.


The crap they sell at the grocery stores is something else entirely.

Why is it necessary to explain this?   Because we are in a eugenics depopulation nightmare and have been for decades.   Illness is kindled in humanity to fire the furnaces of the economy.   Medicine is the furnace, illness is the fire, we are the fuel.  Why is this even a matter of controversy any more?

As self respecting peasants we can at least take back the meaning of the words that we use.   But that would require reclaiming words like “liberal” and “conservative” and “medicine”.    Not allowed.

Trying to eat healthy and avoid all the major pitfalls of American food? Maybe you would like to sprinkle some aluminum, chlorine bleach, and ferrocyanide on your meal to add a little “flavor?” Sounds delicious. That’s what you’re getting when you use white, iodized, commercial table salt – the same salt that’s on nearly every restaurant table from sea to shining sea. The processing of table salt removes nearly all vital minerals and adds chemicals that cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Before we even begin to look at table salt’s arch rival sea salt, let’s consider even more chemicals found in table salt, including synthetic iodine, sodium bicarbonate, anti-caking agents, and of course, fluoride. You see, table salt is heated to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, annihilating most of its essential elements, leaving next to zero nutritional value, but that’s only the beginning. It’s one thing to use something for flavor that’s dead and doesn’t have any health benefits, but to add to the health nightmare of the typical “American” food regimen, well, that’s just adding insult to injury or “pouring salt in the wound.”

When medical doctors warn about salt causing high blood pressure, they fail to distinguish that it’s table salt, not sea salt.

Oh, those tricky little devils in white lab coats and scrubs, trying to fool us into taking blood pressure meds that help them pocket bonuses, like front row seats to the next professional sports event from their favorite sexy pharma rep. Maybe your doctor will be seated next to a chemical-based salt industry CEO where they can discuss their Quora stocks during the 7th inning stretch.

So why is table salt white? It’s bleached, just like white bread, white flour and white sugar. Bleach causes cancer of the filter organs, like your pancreas and bladder. Don’t eat cancer. Thanks to all the toxic elements in table salt, it causes human blood pressure to rise quickly as our blood tries to move the poison away from the heart. Nearly all processed and packaged foods are loaded with astronomical amounts of toxic table salt that causes inflammation, liver issues, kidney problems and thyroid malfunctions. Plus, fake sodium is addicting. The more you use, the more you crave.

So why don’t medical doctors tell you then that sea salt is very healthy, instead of just obtusely throwing all salt under the bus? Money. And the difference you spend on truly organic sea salt is negligible to the health detriment and long-term costs of prescription medications and future surgeries, even if you do have a “solid” medical expense plan….


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