Research on EMF Health Effects and the Corruption of Science

“A new scientific truth is not usually presented in a way to convince its opponents. Rather, they die off, and a rising generation is familiarized with the truth from the start.” 
– Max Planck, Originator of Quantum Theory and Nobel Prize winner in Physics

2,300 studies by the US Navy showing biological impacts of EMF: Naval Medical Research Institute 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects

2016 NTP study preliminary results showing that cell phone radiation causes cancer and DNA damage in rats. This $25 million study is the gold standard of EMF research and makes it clear that our current wireless safety standards do not adequately protect the public. This new study by the prestigious Ramazzini Institute in Italy has confirmed the tumor results of the NTP study.

Sperm damage was found in 21 of 27 studies reviewed in this 2016 meta-study. Multiple studies in this group also found DNA within the sperm. The mechanism is thought to be mitochondria dysfunction leading to elevated ROS production. This 2017 study also shows how low-frequency magnetic fields can increase the risk of miscarriage.

2017 meta-analysis performed in the EU looking at 24 major brain tumor studies (24,000 cases vs 50,000 controls) shows a significantly higher risk of brain tumors after 10 years of mobile phone use.

2017 meta-analysis published in Nature showing an increase in headaches for mobile phone users.

German report on 878 Russian studies from 1960-1997 regarding the health effects of EMF. This report was buried by the German government as soon as it was published because of the consequences of its findings.

“Captured Agency” report on how the FCC is completely dominated by the wireless industry that it supposedly regulates. Published June 2015 by investigative journalist Norm Alster and the Harvard University Center for Ethics. Mr. Alster also wrote about the Dot Com Crash and the 2008 Financial Crisis before they happened. Click for free PDF or Kindle versions.

Independent Studies Cropped

The above difference is not statistically possible without corrupted science.

Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels

2017 study showing 2.45 GHz WiFi significantly impacts the endocrine system of young rats, particularly the pancreas. The study showed that “serum glucose, lipase and amylase levels were higher in the EMR group, and the results were significant, indicating both endocrine and exocrine cell damage.” You can view the study results here. …

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