PDF: Jim Marrs: The Rise of the Fourth Reich

The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The secret societies that threaten to take over America by Jim Marrs


This was printed in 2008, long after the US began deploying death squads and torture schools all over latin america and teaching nazi torture techniques to the iranian secret police.   A bit late in the day.  Anyway, in some sense the cluelessness of the american people has protected us, in that the final nail in the coffin of our enslavement can’t be driven as long as most americans think they live in a free and humanitarian country and so would be resistant to the open rule of the bloodthirsty luciferian aristocracy which is waiting in the wings.   True enslavement requires abject submission to overwhelming domination.   We aren’t there yet.

It’s not clear whether trump’s election has put an indefinite hold on the economic collapse or whether they can reverse the process that they started years ago if they wanted to.   In any case, if and when the collapse occurs and the grocery shelves are empty, people will submit in droves in order to survive.   That’s how death squads are recruited from among the peasants that they oppress in latin america.   People will do anything to eat.

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