PDF book: Sandy Hook Truth by former CIA Robert Steele

Oh what monsters these people are to question the tragedies of grieving parents and our teary eyed talking heads!  Why can’t we all just shut up and bend over?  This genocidal corporate empire will take good care of us.   LIke they did in iran, guatemala, vietnam, cambodia, indonesia, east timor, el salvador, nicaragua, honduras, chile, argentina, brazil, afghanistan, iraq, syria etc.

Do you see a pattern here?

Oh yeah, I forgot, they’re patriotic about genocide.  The only do it to foreigners.

Look at the economy over the past 30 years and ask yourself, how exactly did the bush/clinton/bush/obama/almost_clinton axis intend to deal with the millions of formerly middle class americans who have already been rendered destitute as a result of their policies?   Or did you think it was all an accident, they still haven’t figured out how economies work?

Grow up please.   It’s a big world out there and you’re not the center of it.


  • 128 page PDF
  • Full text online translatable memoranda for POTUS
  • Full briefing (January 2018)
  • Video interview
  • Other online references

Coming soon:

  • Short videos of each author both individually and blended into a 30-minute blockbuster.

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We sense a growing movement that will call on President Donald Trump to sign an executive order forbidding all false flag operations by US government elements at taxpayer expense, while demanding that the FBI honestly investigate all false flag operations by private military contractors and agents of a foreign power, Zionist Israel being the primary actor.

We also expect, eventually, legislation that explicitly makes lying to the court or the public a high crime and misdemeanor (treason) — this deceit was legalized by the Obama Administration — it is now LEGAL to lie to the US public and to the Court, a good reason for firing every Member of Congress that voted for the legalization of that unconstitutional behavior. What this means in the Alex Jones case is that the local, state, and federal officials can all be ordered to lie to the Court including the jury about Sandy Hook — while Jones will  still win this case if his lawyers are not being blackmailed or bribed to throw the case, this is a new kind of threat to the average citizen seeking to live by the truth.

Sandy Hook Presidential Memoranda in Final Order (Book Form)

PDF (128 Pages):  A Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda 20180905

DOC (128 Pages):  A Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda 20180905

To replicate the volume delivered to the White House and several of the President’s intimates, ask FedEx Office for COLOR, pages 1-5 single-sided, pages 6-128 double-sided, spiral bound clear front black back covers….


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