Obama the Deceiver on the Economy

Another feather in the cap of the transparency president who waged an unprecedented war on  whistleblowers, won the nobel peace prize before starting more wars than any of his predecessors, who claimed to be reversing bush’s orwellian surveillance grid as he oversaw its expansion, who claimed our computerized election machinery is beyond questioning in the face of the obvious evidence, and who now claims responsibility for the current economic numbers.

Forget the puppets, look at the infrastructure of deception behind them, otherwise known as the “free press”.   None of this would be possible without it.   This is the voice of the permanent government.

To be clear, an economy largely based on the pillage of foreign lands is nothing to be proud of, but the point to understand is that the elite’s plans for the USA were to push us into the same plight as any other 3rd world country, and obama did more to push this agenda forward than any other president in history in terms of the “national debt”.   He was and is no friend of the people, and hillary would have been more of the same.   Smooth talking snake oil sales people with a black face and a woman’s face.   The deception doesn’t stop.

Trump on the other hand is a mixed bag of the old murderous status quo and a withdrawal from the plans of the transnational plunderers to something more resembling national economic sovereignty.

One thing for sure, if the USA falls to the banksters the rest of the world doesn’t have a chance.   As it is, we have a little room to breathe.   Not exactly a rescue, but a stay of execution.

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