Horton: Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro/Biotechnology & Systemic Corruption

Since we are down the rabbit hole in this country I’d be the last to discount the claims made in this pdf.   The author is a PhD particle physicist so one would think she’s probably not completely off the deep end.    Declassified documents reveal years of covert testing of radio/biological substances on large civilian populations in san francisco and st louis.  And that was just for the hell of it, no actual attacks were intended although health consequences were likely in a minority of the populations.  In contrast, compelling reports out of iraq 10 years ago claimed the use of a lethal directed energy weapon (maybe a hafnium isomer gamma ray laser) being used on civilians there.   Also testing for the “hell” of it.

Let me put it this way: what’s to stop the permanent government from doing this?   The law?  Are you kidding?

Victims of the Secret Services are attacked by a plethora of weapons and are also often subjected to torture via covert non-consensual implants made from military biotechnology. Examples are radio-frequency emitting microchips that form a Body Area Network, eye implants for image transmission and ear implants for voice transmission, known as Voice-to- Skull technology. This document contains the recommended gadgets and devices for collecting audio-visual evidence and detecting Directed Energy Weapon attacks as well as non-consensual body implants. Different ways of shielding from attacks are suggested….


Are your thoughts and feelings really your own?

Invisible Government Using Microwave Weapons Against American Embassies


Hafnium isomer gamma ray laser weapon

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