Bolton to Threaten ICC Over Probes into America’s War Crimes

What “war”?  The US hasn’t been in a bonafide war (where a foreign country threatened our shores) since WWII.   Everything else was a “police action”, or a response to a “terrorist attack”, you know, to promote peace and security.   Now go back to sleep to the soothing hum of the wheels of the industrial genocide machine.


Human rights advocates decried the Trump administration’s attack on the International Criminal Court as “another low point” in its effort to skirt accountability for war crimes

Reinforcing the worldwide perception of the U.S. as “a bully and a hegemon” that will not tolerate attempts by the global community to hold it accountable for its deadly actions overseas, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton is set to deliver a speech on Monday that will reportedly threaten International Criminal Court (ICC) officials with sanctions if they dare to move ahead with probes into U.S. or Israeli war crimes….

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