Bankster Backed Socialist Adorned with Glitter

I try to stick with issues and institutions rather than personalities here, but I think this is illustrative of the hidden money flows which engineer flock behavior on behalf of those who control money.

The banksters have fielded at least two trojan horse social engineering philosophies that I know of: socialism and anarchism.

While the public face and ideologies behind socialism and fascism differ, the connection is clear if you look at the power structure of the resulting utopias: power and property concentrated in the hands of the few (or the government itself) while the invisible money masters who control the central bank and its subsidiaries continue raking in their cut via the debt-money scam ( ).   The connect is even clearer when you consider that the govt is already controlled by the visible corporations (mussolini’s definition of fascism), which pretty much renders socialism equivalent to fascism.   Socialism actually takes fascism further by formally eliminating private property in the interests of the hive.   But if you think you can institute a non-corporate government to administer an egalitarian socialist utopia, well to get there you first have to unseat the corporations and go through a period of anarchy.  See below.

Anarchism takes the opposite route to the same result: in the name of egalitarianism and local self determination, government and financial institutions are supposedly dismantled and everyone gets to play on the public commons.   But of course that’s not how it’s going to work, for the same reason that amazonian tribes don’t have a chance against corporate pillagers.   Nature abhors a vacuum, in this case the information vacuum of socioeconomic self-organization and its resultant self-reinforcing social and economic flows, which tend to cause such organization to grow organically into disorganized environments without bounds.

There will always be spontaneous self organization going on, because it works.   And if one tribe is stronger than another, and big enough that empathic/telepathic connections ( ) are overwhelmed by self-reinforcing echo chambers, you can guess the result.   If true anarchism was ever really achieved in the presence of secret societies ( ), it would be unstable and inevitably collapse into “winner-take-all” scenarios.    Our overlords have been in a position to know this for millennia.   They must be amused to watch their gladiator robots battling in the streets for a few dopamine hits from their assigned authority figures.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears $3,500 Outfit For Photo-op With Construction Workers

[Her] working class credentials are under scrutiny again after she was pictured wearing a $3,500 outfit for a photo-op with construction workers.

Ocasio-Cortez wore a $1990 Gabriela Hearst blazer, $890 Gabriela Hearst pants and $625 Monolo Blahnik shoes….

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